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    What one characteristic is most important to you in a bow?

    What characteristic of a bow is most important to you? If you could only pick one thing what would it be? Is it having a bow that is ninja quiet, looks awesome, lots of letoff, smooth draw cycle, tough, lightweight, speedy, forgiving, long or short brace height, hard back wall, etc? For me if I...
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    What release do you shoot for hunting and why?

    Hey guys so right now I shoot a Scott caliper release and really like it except for the fact that the rod attachment is so long I cant get my finger over the trigger enough to perform a correct back tension release. What release do you guys shoot and does is allow you to wrap your finger around...
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    Successful NM draw applicants new to forum: Read this!

    Hey all of you guys who drew tags in New Mexico and just joined the forum. Please don't just join the forum, ask everyone where to hunt, and then never come back. Introduce yourself, stick around and join in the great conversations on eastman's forum. Every year right after draw results come out...
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    NM draw results are in!!!!

    I drew a late September archery elk tag and a September + January archery deer tag! How did you guys do?
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    Arrow helical setup w/ whisker biscuit?

    Hey yall so I am thinking about fletching my own arrows and I got the bohning helix fletching jig and I had questions for you eastmans bow junkies. Will a 3 degree helical shoot well through a whisker biscuit? I am shooting factory fletched arrows right now and they shoot great through my...
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    What did yall draw?

    I drew a 21A rifle bull elk tag for the second hunt as well as a 21 archery mule deer tag. What did you draw?
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    2012 2B Public Land DIY mule deer

    Hey guys so I just finished my DIY taxidermy on my 2012 mule deer buck and it came out pretty good! Tell me what you think!
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    Tips for getting started in traditional archery?

    Hey guys I just bought a 50# Samick Sage take down recurve off of Cabelas and I am a newbie when it comes to traditional archery. I do shoot a 73# compound bow so I do have experience with bows but I am new to stickbows. Do you have any tips, tricks, or info that can help me get started up...
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    How to speed up bow fps?

    Hey everybody so I shoot a bear mauler and I finally got to shoot is through a chrono and fps rating was only 264 fps! The mauler is rated at an IBO of 328 fps which is definately a speed set up but still I would think that there is no way that it could drop almost 70 fps from the IBO rating! I...
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    Congrats Bitteroot Bulls!

    I just wanted to say congrats to bitteroot bulls for getting his buck published in EHJ 134! That is awesome! I recognized the buck from the forum and knew it was bitteroot's buck. Congrats again!
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    2012 2B Public Land DIY mule deer

    Here's my deer! It was a great hunt, we saw a lot of deer, and I tagged out on this 160 class buck! God sure has blessed my hunting in New Mexico!
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    2B mule deer scouting!

    As most of you know, I'm the lucky son of a gun who drew the late season November 3-7 rifle mule deer hunt. I'm gettin the badlands superday and truck loaded up and ready to scout. I am very busy so this is the first scouting I have done this year but I am super pumped! I should have done way...
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    Ebj 73?

    Hey guys, i haven't gotten EBJ 73 yet. Have you guys recieved it yet? It usually comes around the first of the month so I was wondering. Thanks
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    NM 16E cow tag?

    Hey i was wondering if anyone has hunted 16E for elk before and if you could give me a reccomendation of where to start. I'm a youth hunter and didn't draw an elk tag this year so I ended up being able to get a 16E new mexico youth encouragement cow hunt! It is a late hunt from December 26-30...
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    Vortex Crossfire 10x42 Binos?

    I'm still looking for a pair of binos and I've been looking at the Vortex crossfire binos. They have excellent reviews and seem like a good buy. Any thoughts? Pros and cons? The Nikon prostaff 7's still seem nice but I think I'd rather buy vortex than Nikon because of Vortex's clearer optics...