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Having a time with pm ing. Wife said we can t find our email. Also something about pm ing me, sorry for the mess. After house fire things kind of a mess here. Working with cell phone and tablet My cell 715 965 3888 I could call you at your convenience evening
if you hunt the big O ranch id look at the border of the hulapai indians
Thanks man, Turns out I drew a unit 8, thought I had more than enough points for unit 10.... know anything about that?
Our hunt was on the worst drought in years we glassed bulls two bulls 350 and my sons bull was a good bull he killed on the last day
We would see at least 100 elk ever day cows and bulls and we where the only ones on the two properties i think 100,000 plus acres
iv hunted 9 a lot i hunted the late archery last year and the last day we got 2' of snow the late rifle guys where screwed
Congrats on the tag Exclusive pursuit outfitters has one of the best areas of private land we used them on a late muzzle loader hunt it was money well spent