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I have been away for some time, chasing salmon, rockcod and crab here on the west coast. It's now time to focus on hunting. I have 15 Pts for antelope going into this years NV draw. I asked a guide last year for suggestions and he gave me a bunch of sure thing draws that did not consider all of my points. Do you have any suggestions for areas based on my 15 points? Thanks as always!!
That’s a ton of points for Nv Antelope.
the Northern units I think are best. 011 is good, 022-021 can hold some big bucks but the numbers are low.
031-051 are pretty good units also.
78 vs 8
Hey I wanted to reach out.
Study the Keystone, Badger creek, Beaver Creek and Mullen fires.

All those are in or bordering the area.
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Thanks for sending. Will definitely check out! Not sure where we will apply with the possible winter kill or if there is one
Hi, I have 13 points and would share if that gets You in 120. Don't know how many it takes. I am from AZ. Just had a great hunt down here. Looking to team up with some one if I could. I am 66 but get around great.I go to the gym and have 6 acres at home keeps me busy too. I have heard good things about 120 and have a guy going to give me some info. let me know and I will give you my number. Thanks . BOB!
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Thanks for the offer, but I have 9 so we wouldn't have enough. I'm kinda in a shitty spot, but need to use them up.