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looking for outfitter for area 82 non-resident guide area I have a a general tag for region w
I assume you have heard about the initiative thats is going around in Oregon to ban all hunting, fishing and trapping. Do you think it has any chance of passing. Hope it is not going to be like the wolf one here and decided by a few votes and most votes coming from the big metro area.
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No, I don't think it has any chance. Even the group that submitted it doesn't believe it can pass...yet. They said they would keep trying until we as a people improve and become a kinder, gentler species!
We booked Shoshone for 2022 elk. Spoke with Josh and he sounds like a solid guy. Now just the wait.
Yep, I hunted with Josh for sheep in 2017 for sheep. I'm resident but didn't have the luxury of having stock to get to the sheep. It was a great hunt and I killed a ram on the 5th day with my bow. He's well respected and probably one of best outfitters in the Cody area. You'll have a great hunt with him imo!