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Chia sẻ đánh giá các dự án chân thực, hữu ích Trần Văn Toàn BDS với hơn 5 năm kinh nghiệm tư vấn bất động sản. Cập nhật thông tin chính thức từ Chủ đầu tư
You said you drew an archery tag in unit 66 in Colorado a few years back. I drew it this year. I’m looking for a little help/advice if you’re willing to share.
Hi Hilltop. I chatted with you last December about some elk units in Wyoming. I ended up finally drawing a unit 24 tag this year. You said you had a friend that works for the BLM and wondered if you think he would chat with me about the unit. I'm actually spending this weekend in the unit getting aquainted with it. Thanks again!
I think you are going to be really happy with that tag. Congrats!

It can't hurt to ask - I'll give him a call tonight. I'm going camping with him in the Snowy Range in 3 weeks so I can also visit with him over a beer and get his thoughts.
I have been told that Nate Turner, of Turner's Alaska Adventures, may have a cancellation hunt for moose. You might give him a shout. I'll vouch for him, he's the real deal and would give a great hunt in some big moose country.

If he doesn't work out, try Aaron Bloomquist. He's running some moose hunts and I know is a good hunter/guide.

Both of them know me: Bob Mumford
Having a time with pm ing. Wife said we can t find our email. Also something about pm ing me, sorry for the mess. After house fire things kind of a mess here. Working with cell phone and tablet My cell 715 965 3888 I could call you at your convenience evening