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boiler, Are you a Purdue grad? Where you live at? I'm in LaPorte. You have an elk hunt this year?
Not out west. I do have a weird whitetail schedule. My wife is Chinese and will normally spend Sept-Nov at her condo in Sichuan so I get a 3 month hall pass. But this year her mother is visiting here in the US. And we just moved here from Illinois in March, and I have a cousin from China arriving tomorrow for his first hunt of any kind. So I will try Kingsbury mostly I think this year. I hunt public land.
I live only 15 minutes North of there. Then based on my observations will decide if I should focus on Kingsbury, or Midewin NTGP for the rut. I do have a one week special draw bow hunt in west central Illinois Nov 5-11. Got no idea how good that public hunt will be. I only scouted it once and the manager was clearing out the thick invasive species cover. It’s called Beaver Dam SP.
Well good luck!
Hi Dave ,
Hope all is well as harvest should be starting soon over your way. I wanted to ask about how the goose hunting is over your way? Just looking at different options in states that border me. Thanks
Hey guys! My name is Luke Washington. I work here at Eastmans in the digital media department, under Scott Reekers. I will be helping out managing the forum for here on out. I hope to have some great conversations with you all! Thanks!
Hey mcseal2 I pulled a Wyoming Mule/Whitetail deer tag October 1st - 14th any information or advice you have would be greatly appreciated.