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Hey guys! My name is Luke Washington. I work here at Eastmans in the digital media department, under Scott Reekers. I will be helping out managing the forum for here on out. I hope to have some great conversations with you all! Thanks!
Hey mcseal2 I pulled a Wyoming Mule/Whitetail deer tag October 1st - 14th any information or advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
Hey Glenn,
It's gonna be the last week of September and first week of October, so hopefully some rut action still. They definitely are a handful, but we'll worth it. I'm from Indiana and I'll be hunting with my brother diy so hopefully we get lucky and get one figured out! Thanks for the response. Hopefully your season is looking good too! Travis
Hey boiler,
That is a coincident. Looks like you drew a great tag for elk. Should be a blast, does your hunt take place during the rut?
They're are a bunch of work but worth every drop of sweat.
What state are you from?
Congrates again. Glen
Saw your congratulations and looked at your profile and saw you had 3 boys and that you are an electrician. I have 3 boys and I'm an electrician too. Anyway, just thought it was quite a coincidence so decided to try this message. Thanks for the congrats. Boiler