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We booked Shoshone for 2022 elk. Spoke with Josh and he sounds like a solid guy. Now just the wait.
Yep, I hunted with Josh for sheep in 2017 for sheep. I'm resident but didn't have the luxury of having stock to get to the sheep. It was a great hunt and I killed a ram on the 5th day with my bow. He's well respected and probably one of best outfitters in the Cody area. You'll have a great hunt with him imo!
I am an older hunter who has lost most of my hunting friends, I love hunting in wyoming and went the last 2 years. I didn't fill my tag this past season, hunting public land saw plenty of game but nothing I was willing to take.am looking for someone who has an in for mule deer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg . I plan to apply in area L but cold change if someone was looking for an other hunter