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I'm Tony Cleveland. I saw your post about hunting 45 last year. I'm trying to decide between 38 or 45. Id love to chat with you about 45. I can be reached at 719 930-1098. Hope to chat with you soon.
Hi, I'm thinking about appying for unit 24 for elk. I'm 65 and slowing down. I've been told 24 is somewhat mild terrain and would probably be a good place to hunt for an old fart. I'm not looking for a huge bull but more of a good time chasing 280-300 class bulls. Any suggestions? I have 13 points.
Hi Tony, I'm from Colorado and want to draw a tag this year. I'm 65 and can't wait any longer. I have 11 points and would very much appreciate any info you can give up. Looking at 7 and 24. Thanks
You could possibly draw 7 with 11 but I doubt you would 24 according to the odds Ive looked at. I hear 7 has some great bulls but a lot of private. I hear wagon hound outfitters in 7 are great outfitters and kill huge bulls if you are considering an outfitter. I don;t personally know anything about either unit other than what Ive read or heard. Ive never hunted Wyoming except for pronghorn several years ago.
Hope you don't mind but want to see if you can share some ideas for elk hunt in Arizona. My son and I being non-residents with 10 points are getting close to drawing tags. Have been looking a unit 1 late season but should we consider something else? Do you know any of the outfitters and how they do with their hunts. . Thanks Dave
dirtclod Az.
dirtclod Az.
Unit 1 is a great choice,I hear unit 7 has also been putting out some great Bulls.
Chappell guiding service has been guiding here for years,good folks..Good luck
guys,10 pts may get you in the running.
Mossback is the other outfitter that has a good reputation in eastern Az. They use
a lot of guys per hunter so may be a little pricey...
minn elk chaser
Thanks for the info. I talked to Duane Adams about unit 1 as that is where he guides. Said he had been doing it for 40 years in that unit so sure should know where things are. Mossback probably will be higher but as you know none of those hunts are cheap.
Hi Austin and thanks for posting. I would love to chat with you about unit 54. My number is 719 930-1098