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Hi, I have 13 points and would share if that gets You in 120. Don't know how many it takes. I am from AZ. Just had a great hunt down here. Looking to team up with some one if I could. I am 66 but get around great.I go to the gym and have 6 acres at home keeps me busy too. I have heard good things about 120 and have a guy going to give me some info. let me know and I will give you my number. Thanks . BOB!
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Thanks for the offer, but I have 9 so we wouldn't have enough. I'm kinda in a shitty spot, but need to use them up.
Hi all I am almost 66 , been in Phoenix since 1997. Just moved to south Carolina . Not by choice but for Woman . Took 6 years but found a great one to take me in , just have to learn the Eastern hunting style. I do have one of the greatest Elk tags in the country in Arizona for September . Had some Great tags over the years there. Good luck to all this Season.
I was interested how you deer hunt went in 81, if you dont mind sharing. We have 8 pp/per hunter and I am not sure where to use them.