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  • Hey David, I agree, some of those rifle hunts can be insane! I usually hunt cows with my -30.06 and i use 180 grain bullets. I use core-lokts which are cheap and have plenty of knockdown power! I've been blessed to kill cow elk from 2008-2010 in NM in unit 21B which is typically known as a low success unit and there are always left over tags. What's hilarious is that when we look at the success charts the year after, only we show up as being successful! We've learned that getting away from the crowds is the best strategy. I think that 140 grains are a little on the light side but if you put one behind the shoulder, there's no doubt that cow will be dead! Good luck on both of your hunts and I especially hope you kill a monster mule deer because personally I think NM is very underrated for its quality mule deer hunts. In the next few years I think NM will be listed higher on the trophy numbers because of the disastrous winterkill in Wyoming and Colorado last winter. Good Luck!
    the last post should read i've never rifle hunted them instead of never hunted them referring to my cow elk hunt next weekend
    hey D,

    I live just past the Sedillo exit towards Edgewood. i stop in at the Zuzax gas station all the time and visit Shelby at his shop when i can. he helped me get my jeep running. i hunt unit 32 southwest of Roswell. i rifle hunted it up until 2007 when i killed my last deer with my rifle. it was like WWIII that day so thats when i decided to make the switch and start bowhunting. now i'm absolutely hooked on bowhunting for elk #1 and deer #2 with my bow. i love it. i shoot my bow everyday if i can. i do have a rifle cow elk hunt coming up next weekend in Chama. i've never hunted them so i hope i am using the right bullets. i have a 7mm rem mag and have 3 different bullets that all shoot great but not sure about if they will hold up. i have Hornady SST, Winchester Supreme Ballistic Silvertips and Winchester Supreme Accubond (red tips). all in 140gr. i've used both Winchester bullets for deer and they both perform superb for deer. anyway nice chattin.

    ttyl, David
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