Your Best Buck!!!!


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Jul 8, 2015
A small Pacific Fork that I killed in Trinity County CA with my .35 Remington XP-100 (my first Blacktail).

Just curious as to why you hunt with a pistol? Is there a local regulation that limits you from hunting with a rifle or is that just your weapon of choice. Either way, I think its cool that you hunt with a pistol and those are some nice bucks!


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Jun 9, 2011
Peoples Republik of Kalifornia
I always wanted to kill a deer with my pistol and took it on every deer hunt (along with my rifle) waiting for the right opportunity. After wearing most of the blue off of the pistol. I finally realized that I was never going to kill a deer with it as long as I had my rifle along. I joined the North American Handgun Hunters (now defunct) which held a handgun only hunt at the YO Ranch each year benefitting Sportsman Against Hunger. With expert guidance and lots of "targets" my handgunning efforts really took off. It has been over 30 years since I have hunted with a rifle. Now the pistol is my weapon of choice. Easier to pack, easier to carry, easier to handle in tight spaces. Most states allow handguns for hunting, and the number is increasing. Thank you for your comments and your interest.
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