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    Idaho Trophy Species Draw Results

    Drew bull moose in Idaho.
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    We shot 2 elk from the same herd. Late night picture after packing the 1st one out.
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    Arrow Backstop

    Here's one I made. I use it for field and broadheads. Used 2 sheets of poly iso, 18" thick about 32" X 32" held together with threaded bolts, 1 x 6 lumber.
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    How far do you go to gain access?

    Been getting to know a rancher that owns a lot of acreage near my hunting cabin. Trouble is he has the land that backs to BLM and Nat. Forest. When I ask permission, usually offer help to fix stuff on the ranch. He took me up on the offer and we fixed a 5' deep waterer. We went through his place...
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    Idaho extends wolf seasons in some units

    Idaho F&G extended the wolf seasons in some units, although these won't show in the regs. A lot of units only by a month that were through March 31st are now ending April 30th. Units 21 and 28, which I hunt will be open until June 30th, yay! Getting a wolf is on my bucket list. Looks like this...
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    Idaho Trespass Law changing

    Not sure. These handouts were in the Salmon's Fish & Game Department so that they were highly visible to everyone. It is also on their website. Don't know if the landowner would have to press charges versus the F&G being able cite if written permission wasn't given.
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    Idaho Trespass Law changing

    Idaho is changing the trespass law effective July 1st of this year requiring written permission or other lawful form to enter or remain on private land to shoot, trap, retrieve game, fish or hunt. Seems like just getting a verbal okay from the landowner is not going to be valid anymore.
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    Bear stand advice

    Finally got the bear! Thanks for all your advice. Tried just about everything, moved my stand 100 yds away, came in from different direction, paid close attention to wind direction and tried to be as scent free as possible. Yesterday, during a light snowstorm, I refreshed the bait and the bear...
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    Idaho condo cheap

    Posting this for my neighbor in Salmon. He has a 2bd/2ba condo for sale about 20 miles south of Salmon off Hwy 28 for 25K. It was a small motel converted into a couple of condos. He used this condo to hunt and fish. The Lemhi and Hayden Creek confluence is closeby. It has deer (whitetail and...
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    Bear stand advice

    Trying to get this bear to come into my ground blind set up while I'm there. The bait was set up 9 days ago and this bear came into the bait after 2 days. Then came in everyday day, usually mornings and evening both for 6 days. I hunted on 4 times in mornings and evenings, never showed. Any...
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    Let?s some pictures of anything idaho

    Unit 28 Yesterday setting bear baits, Salmon River close to flood stage, view from cabin
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    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    Wife in hot springs soak on the way out. Hope this is the PG version :-)
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    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    Crossing the Lochsa River. Going to get moose and bear!
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    The Backpack Hunting Picture Contest

    Hope it's not too late to enter. Moose and bear unguided in Idaho Selway Wilderness.
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    Idaho moose

    Daughter and son-in-law both have moose tags in Idaho. After a few hunting trips, we've have seen about 6 bulls so far. Since most of them were small that we saw, it was decided to take a small bull and at least fill the freezer due to time constraints and focus on a larger one later. Here is a...