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    Leupold mounts rem 700

    Leupold std stainless base and medium rings. Used, rings have been lapped. $25 Shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Back from the taxidermist

    Just got my 2017 Wyoming antelope back. Couldn?t be happier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Remote communication devices

    I?m looking for some suggestions for something for my dad. Since he retired he spends most of his time in places without cell service, and I?d feel a lot better if he had something to contact someone in an emergency. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Virginia To Wyoming 2017

    I already posted a picture from my buck earlier in the week, but wanted to put up a full story after I got home. Dad and I got into Douglas Wyoming around 10:00 Saturday after leaving my house at 8:00 Friday, and that's with the two hour time change. After unloading gear and getting something...
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    First antelope

    About 45 minutes after daylight on opening morning I scored my first buck. Scouting yesterday payed up. I was actually slaking a different group and walked right up on him. Should have been 2 for 2 but dad missed. Still have dads buck tag and 2 doe tag. This place is amazing. Special thanks to...
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    Game bags

    I'll be antelope hunting Wyoming this October and being an eastern guy I've never packed out an animal. I was wondering if game bags are necessary or if I could get by with trash bags. Let's say I have the meat back to the truck within 2 hours or less, have coolers with ice, and get the meat to...
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    WY unit 29

    My dad and I have unit 29-1 tags this year. This is the public land tag so we will primarily be hunting the grasslands in the northern end of the unit. This will be the first antelope hunt for both of us and my first time ever in the west. Was looking to see if anyone has any hunting experience...
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    Quotas on W G&F page

    Trying to figure out the true quotas on the g&f page. I'll use antelope unit 42 for an example. On the draw odds page that looks like a spreadsheet, it appears there is a 26 tag quota in the special draw. On the interactive map, when you choose a unit, it shows unit draw odds. On this page it...
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    Quotas and 2nd choice

    One would think I would be past the dumb questions by now, but here's two more. I know Wyoming will release their 2017 forecast sometime in April, but do they list exactly how many tags will be in each draw, like 100 for resident, 50 non resident, 20 special draw? I've narrowed down to 3...
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    Land through Craigslist

    Has anyone had luck finding a trespass hunt through Craigslist? I'm looking for a ranch to hunt antelope. My biggest concern is putting my eggs in that basket and getting there to find out my ranch is a Walmart parking lot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    257 Roberts

    Anyone's have a Roberts? I found a Remington 700 classic I'll be picking up next week. Looking for some load suggestions. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SE Montana vs NE Wyoming

    Any suggestions on one vs the other for a fun 1st time mule deer hunt? From the research I've done, it seems like this general area is not know for trophy quality, but has high deer densities. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Savage Lightweight hunter

    I"m in the market for a new rifle, looking for something light and fairly compact. I put my hands on the Savage model 16 lightweight hunter today and was pretty impressed. It seemed to balance better than I though it would being so light. I do wish it had a 22" barrel instead of the 20" but I...
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    On the right track?

    I'm planning next years trip for antelope and was wondering if I'm on the right track for deciding on a unit. I was supposed to be hunting a ranch this year but a knee surgery in May forced me to withdraw applications and postpone until 2017. I had planned a trespass hunt last year but after...
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    Wyoming 2017

    I was planning to go to Wyoming this fall with my dad. We had applied for a region C special tag, but unfortunately we had to withdraw our applications because I had knee surgery a week ago and will miss three months of work. The only thing keeping me from losing my sanity over canceling the...