Wyoming 2017


Jan 6, 2016
I was planning to go to Wyoming this fall with my dad. We had applied for a region C special tag, but unfortunately we had to withdraw our applications because I had knee surgery a week ago and will miss three months of work. The only thing keeping me from losing my sanity over canceling the hunt is starting to plan for next year.

We will buy a bonus point this summer and would be willing to apply for the special tag again if need be. It looks like most general regions can be drawn with one point. Not necessarily looking for trophies, would be thrilled with a nice 2x2 and meat. I know when planning to hunt C, that access was an issue. My question is, what area would you suggest that has reasonable access with decent odds at a buck. I had already studied holes in all of the blm maps for region C, but I don't mind doing it all over again. I actually enjoy all the planning almost as much as hunting.

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May 2, 2016
SE Wyoming
If you have enough points don't overlook some of the limited quota tags you may be able to draw. Some areas in the SE corner that are limited quota are mostly national forest and hunting has vastly improved since they went limited quota.You will be limited to the area but they are very large and can not be entirely hunted in a weeks time. The Snowy Range has some good deer in areas.