Social Distancing - What's Everyone Doing?

dan maule

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Jan 3, 2015
Upper Michigan
I'm jealous, I have lots of cedar, spruce and pine that I have dreams of sawing up and building a cabin. Some day after the kids are out of college I hope to get one.


Feb 24, 2011
So this whole flattening the curve thing is reality now, like it or not. The only question remaining is, what is everyone doing? Here's my list.
1. Family Time
2. Packing to move into a new home
3. Trying to go fishing
4. Hikind and looking for antlers
5. Reading - All my books have been in storage for three years so I've been reading more digital media.
6. Trying to limit the amount of time I spend on Social Media.
We have a dairy, so same as always. Working hard and losing money. On a good note when I'm at the hospital farm by myself I take the calls to get some practice in. I love running Honker and speck calls.


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Jul 8, 2015
Got this trailer for $500 from a guy. Power washed all of the mold and crap off of it, aired up the tires, tightened the castle nuts, greased the bearings and Just finished my last coat of used motor oil the other day.

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