Social Distancing - What's Everyone Doing?


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So this whole flattening the curve thing is reality now, like it or not. The only question remaining is, what is everyone doing? Here's my list.
1. Family Time
2. Packing to move into a new home
3. Trying to go fishing
4. Hikind and looking for antlers
5. Reading - All my books have been in storage for three years so I've been reading more digital media.
6. Trying to limit the amount of time I spend on Social Media.


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Feb 25, 2014
Eastern Nebraska
*Dusting off the home gym.
*Shooting my bow more. (Can't think of a better way to distance than archery hunting)
*Getting ready for turkey season with my son.
*Taking a good inventory of all outdoor gear. Great time to organize and make lists for upcoming trips.
*Starting one on one baseball practice for the kids I have been coaching for 8 years. They are pretty devastated right now at the prospect of a cancelled season so I'm taking the time to work with them in private settings as team practice is prohibited.
*knocking off honey do items so I'm good to go this fall
*Getting ready for an epic summer of fishing if baseball is cancelled.
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dan maule

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Jan 3, 2015
Upper Michigan
Working from home
Kids are home from college so doing bible studies
cleaning basement
Working with daughter home schooling
Working on getting money back from our cancelled trip
Researching possible future hunts
Trying to make sure elderly folks around us are okay
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Colorado Cowboy

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
Retired, so no work ....
Doing spring time outdoor chores, getting ready for irrigation season.
Clean out my reloading/gun room.
Do some shooting at the range, when the weather cooperates.
HONEY DOOOOOs.........................!
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Jul 8, 2015
I have been shooting my pistols quite a bit. And because I am OCD I have already reloaded my brass.
I gathered up my turkey stuff for this weekend.

I patterned my fatherinlaws gun for him. Then I treated my broken shoulder with an ice pack.....holy crap, I have NEVER shot a gun that kicked harder than this one....I mean for real guys this thing was plain viscious. This thing with HV 3.5" Winchester Supremes hurt me. I aint kidding this gun defeated me right in my own driveway.

I do NOT recommend this gun if you like to shoot the big boomers....

Kicked considerably harder than that NEW 10 gauge turkey gun I had used years ago.

It did throw a good and "acceptable" pattern at 30 yards with a factory full choke though.
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Mar 1, 2011
Calving cows, same as I'd be doing this time of year anyway. Hasn't changed much for me yet except the university closed so my wife is home to help. She is working from home but with flexible hours she can help some also. Hope she doesn't get to sick of me!
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Eastmans' Staff / Moderator
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Feb 3, 2014
Cleaned up the decoys this morning and reacquainted myself with my garage gym this morning before work. I will be working out from there, probably going to be doing the demolition side of some home remodeling projects as well.
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Apr 7, 2011
West Side, MoMo
Working from home, and putting in a ton of hours. CV19 has not shut down my workload.
Really need to get back into the home gym, was on a roll before I went skiing 2 weeks ago, hard to get back into the groove.
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Jun 20, 2011
I'm lucky that I can work from home so I haven't missed a beat. I've been building a hunting cabin so I'll continue to work on that.
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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
While I was still employed I could work at home as much as I wanted.

It was particularity aggravating to my boss since I wasn't getting the work done for the company that I worked for.(y)


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Nov 30, 2014
My work office is in my house. I'm the only one that goes into anyone of the 6 building's from Denver to Casper that house all the equipment I take care of.

Outside of normal grocery shopping, life hasn't changed any for me.
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Mar 9, 2014
Working 12-13 hr days followed by phone calls at home another 2-3 hrs.
I’m on the task force battling the fears of 3,000 employees across 6 states and enduring the safe distancing of contractors and other various venders. I’m beat..
I wash and sanitize constantly. I also change and shower immediately once home to protect the family who are hunkered down.


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Oct 4, 2011
My girls are off school so we took advantage and went shed hunting (on private land).

Today the county just canceled all hotel and other short term rentals in our county for the next 6 weeks.. Already all the bars are closed and take out only at restaurants or basically telling all the tourists to stay out of Colorado through the summer.

Crazy times.



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Jul 9, 2018
I'm very lucky in that I normally work from home to begin with, so we pretty much just holed up for the duration. We do have some camping trips planned, including one this weekend. That's sufficiently still "distant" enough from other folks that we're hoping we can still get them in.


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
I got another pickup truck, and am starting to build a cedar strip topper for it. I made one out of northern white cedar for my 2011 Dodge RAM. This one will be eastern red cedar (AKA Aromatic cedar) for the 2011 GMC. These are "strip" construction, just like building a canoe, and will be fiberglassed and epoxied. Photos to follow.
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