2020 Whitetail Success Thread


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May 10, 2018
Congrats. A lot of bucks I've seen the last month have already dropped their antlers.

I shot an “antlerless” deer a few years ago at the end of December that turned out to be a small buck that had dropped its antlers (still legal). Since this buck was taken a couple weeks later in the season than that, I was pretty careful with the antlers while getting him back to my vehicle.


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Apr 15, 2015
Another Ho-Hum season in Montana with a good friend and my family.

Youngest nephew (he shot a cow elk about 3 hours after this deer).

Oldest nephew a few days later.


His buck:

A friends buck:

My buck, been hunting this same country for 40 consecutive years with a rifle in my hand...



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Apr 15, 2015
He have a wound from fighting? Looks like a pretty good puncture wound from the pic.
I'd own up to a bad shot, BTDT...but it is a fighting wound and was more of a tear, didnt get into the muscle at all. Tine probably poked through the skin as he was running off.

Found this .22 slug under the hide on the neck, grown over with flesh...4.5 miles behind a year long gated road in any direction from this buck. The locals poach these deer pretty hard, and always have unfortunately:


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May 9, 2014
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My 2020 buck in Missouri and little buddies first trip to the blind with dad. He had a blast and I figured we wouldn't see anything with the amount of fun we had. Spike lee was icing on the cake!
Wal-Matt believe it or not. He loved it but it still takes my head lamps.

I have to look in the hunting bag and make sure it’s not missing. If so it’s time to search the toy box