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    Piebald Fawn

    There's a buck with the recessive gene for sure. But if he is heterozygous, his other dominant gene for normal coloration will be the one that is expressed. Gotta be homozygous, like the yearling, to have the recessive gene expressed. (edit: you already covered that in a later post) Super...
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    Plantar fasciitus

    I had it for almost a year and a half a few years ago. I tried all the stuff....insoles, rolling on frozen water bottles, ibuprofen, etc.... My wife read in a runners' magazine that wearing flip flops is great rehab for plantar fasciitis. We were in Hawaii at the time. She bought me some...
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    Forum Banner Update Contest!

    Whhhhhhh...... Whhhhhh...... Is this thing on? :D
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    Midway - Worth The Watch?

    We saw it and thought it was great. There are some historical inaccuracies, but nothing really major. Some people don't like the movie because of that. I thought it was a good movie though. I don't like many movies. I usually have the opposite opinion as most movie critics. The movies they...
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    Rethinking Deer Gun

    I have a .240 Weatherby that I've had since I was a kid (old German Mark V). I keep 100 gr Partitions loaded for it. It's killed a pile of mule deer, whitetail, antelope, aoudad, axis, hogs, coyotes, blackbuck...... It packs a lot more punch than a .243, but the recoil isn't bad at all. It's...
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    Mini Elk

    I've never eaten sika, but I hear it's excellent eating too. Probably fairly similar to elk, I'd imagine.
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    Mini Elk

    They're fun to hunt. They behave more like elk than like whitetail. They're not as patternable (if that's a word) as whitetail. They're more nomadic. They are very vocal, like elk. Cow elk calls are very similar to axis does, in fact. But the axis buck bellow is WAY different than an elk...
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    Drop tine whitetail from a few weeks ago

    That's a cool buck. I like the shot you got, as it looks like a real world hunting scene. But I hope you get a shot of him in the open with the golden light hitting him just right this weekend. The bucks are out cruising and chasing does right now - all day long. Your timing should be good.
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    Mini Elk

    The Hill Country is almost like hunting Africa. There are tons of different animals free ranging now, after decades of escaping from high fence places. Our place is low fence. Some people don't like exotics and prefer native whitetail. I like 'em all, and I love the variety - even the...
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    Mini Elk

    Sika are cool little critters. They're like miniature elk. They're cousins to elk and red deer. They are free ranging in parts of the Texas Hill Country (along with axis, fallow, blackbuck, aoudad, mouflon, and some other exotics). We have a decent herd of sika on the ranch we hunt. We're...
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    Texas buck

    Those are some serious brow tines.
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    Killed 150 Canada geese in one day

    I understand presentation, and I agree. I hate to see pics of nasty head shots, bloody animals not cleaned up, guts hanging out, etc. Shows a lack of respect for the animal. I don't see anything like that in this one, but that's just me. They weren't over the legal limit, and there's nothing...
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    Killed 150 Canada geese in one day

    Congrats! Looks like a lot of fun to me. I wonder what's "worse".... Killing 15/day one day, or killing 2/day every day for a week? ;)
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    Where do we begin?

    Eastman's MRS is a great place to start.....
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    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    Cool bull! Congrats!