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    Sheep issue

    I haven't received mine yet, seems really late this month, I'm wondering if it got lost in the mail somewhere. Am I the only one or is it just late this month? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wyoming genes

    I'm wondering if certain parts of the state have better genes for big cutters? With six points going into the draw in 17 I want to use them wisely. Although I'd love to kill a huge buck, if I could find one with big cutters that would be sweet even if it was only a mid 70's type buck. Sent...
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    mule deer issue

    Has anyone received theirs yet? Seems to be taking longer than normal this year, normally I get the new issue sometime the first week of the month but I haven't seen this one yet.
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    Dall hunt

    With all the chatter on here about dream hunts I thought I'd share some pictures of my ram from Alaska in 2013. Maybe it might inspire some guys to book that dream hunt. I booked this hunt 3 years in advance, saved for it, trained hard for it and was blessed to get a good ram. Memories of a...
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    TV workouts

    Does anyone have any good workouts they use while watching tv? I'm not talking about 12 oz curls either, lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wyoming 2015

    Thought I'd share a photo of my my 2015 Wyoming antelope. I took my two 7 year old boys for their first real road trip, 15 hours in the truck to Wyoming. Was not disappointed, I had previously hunted this unit in 2010, it still had plenty of antelope, as well as lots of other wildlife and very...
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    First elk

    I'm mainly a mule deer hunter but this year I drew a pretty good tag here in Washington and got my first elk. I'm still pretty pumped over it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Issue 151 is it out?

    I haven't got mine just wondering if others have?
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    Nevada 181-184 mule deer

    Well I struck it rich in the Nevada draw this year. Time to start the heavy research into this hunt. Definitely didn't expect to draw.
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    Colorado 2015

    Who's putting in this year? With season dates a week earlier than normal it's a little bit of a gamble. I know harvest has been off the last couple of years due to the mild weather during the seasons. I'm going to try and cash in my nine points this year. I suspect point creep will really...
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    Minimum age

    My oldest will be 11 when it's time to put in for the antelope draws but will be 12 when the season opens. Will I be apply to apply him that year or does he have to be 12 to apply? This is in Wyoming.
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    2014 Washington results

    Who's getting excited? Only a few more weeks and we should know.
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    New mule deer issue

    Who's gotten theirs?
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    CoHiCntry clear your inbox please

    I tried sending you a message but it wouldn't go through.
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    Texas whitetails

    I have a buddy that really wants to hunt whitetails in Texas. Does anyone have any recommendations?