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    Selling 40 acres in Wyoming

    I haven't been on the Forum for quite awhile and I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I'll give it a try. Selling 40 acres in Central Wyoming. Natrona County . It's at the base of the Rattlesnake Mountains. East side. Near Garfield Peak 8244 ft. Limited quota deer area 89...
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    Arizona Pts. updated

    I just noticed the Az. pts. have been updated. Got my loyalty pt. back after two different spicies apps in same envelope....
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    D14 bucks

    Im just talking about the width not making the book ! I bet he's 28 to 30 in. easy. I've burned my points a couple times on Ut. limited entry deer . Last one was a 28 in. buck in the Book Cliffs 2004 . Took this buck in Wy. month later in Wy. This buck I took in 12B Az. 28 in. Look at right...
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    D14 bucks

    Hey Muley's and bigshot. I think a while back we were talking about big forked horns or maybe it was another thread I don't know. I was searching for some pics yesterday and found the big forkie I took pics of in Yosemite in 1991 and big forkie I hunted in Az. unit 21 late archery in 1989. I...
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    2012 Ca. Big Valley antelope

    I guess it won't let you doan load more than 5 pics depending on size. Wanted to show my son's 2010 buck and the doe with balls ready to go. Then my first antelope in 1983. Been back every year since.and another oldie 1985. pics of pics. Can't get all 15 on here. LOL !:rolleyes:
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    2012 Ca. Big Valley antelope

    Okay guys and girls. got downloaded finally. I should of just had the rancher take pics with my phone like all the other's... BigSurArcher, Only ones that had a little more of the rifle in it but had my ugly mug in it too. LOL ! Above is a doe from Wy. 2011 that had balls...Reminds me of...
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    Anybody ever hunted X12 lately ?

    Sierra, Here's a few little bucks I saw last Thu. driving through.
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    2012 Ca. Big Valley antelope

    Here's my buck I got opening afternoon. Almost pulled the trigger on him opening morning but left my range finder in truck and knew he was at least 500 yds. I'm fine with 500 yds with my 300 Rem Ultra Mag and 24x scope. Do it often and know my 30 in. Drop . But I didn't know if was over 500. I...
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    First aid kit's

    Hey all, I've been kickin this around my head since Sat. after about slicing my thumb off skinning my antelope. I will for sure cut myself at least once on every animal I take care of. Well I had the antelope hanging and was caping it out. You know the spot that is always hard to get of on the...
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    D14 bucks

    Muleys24/7 and Bigshot, I told you I was going post pics or the two biggest D14 bucks but forgot.
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    rattle snake hunting with a bow

    Here's a pic of Big Dude. My son named him that when he was 4 yrs. old He named the monitor lizard Snoopy when he was 2 yrs. old. We just call him snoop now.
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    what's your mule deer rifle?

    Woodtick, That's wicked ! You are a bigger nut than me ! That should put an elk in the Hurt Locker. I forgot to say what scope I had. It's a 6x24x50 Burris Black Diamond. I'll edit...The only picture I had handy with rifle in it. LOL ! Took a pic of it and attached it.
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    rattle snake hunting with a bow

    \ This is Snoop. My 18 1/2 yr. old Water Monitor.
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    Anybody ever hunted Big Valley antelope unit in Ca....?

    Here we go again...Was first alternate for a tag. F&G lady jusy called me to ask if I wanted it. Have other good hunts planned that I drew for. Not sure if can afford it now. It's hunt 750. Big Valley. 8 tags. 702 applicants and if I remmeber correctly it 56 max applicats. I was one of them...
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    rattle snake hunting with a bow

    Remember Jen, ole blue eyes is watching out for those judo points... LOL !