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    Mandatory CWD testing

    When the local game warden was checking us last year. He told us do it if we can but not to worry if it didn't get done. There is no real checking up on it and no punishment if you don't do it. They're just trying to get more people to do it. This was a year ago. Might be stricter now.
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    Gun/scope combo

    I agree with the others. I had a 6x18 on my 300 for a few years. It was totally usable and I never lost a chance at an animal. But I found myself irritated at times with the small field of view when things were closer. I replaced it with a 4.5x14 that made just enough of a difference for me.
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    2021 success Thread!!

    I'm not out until Colorado 3rd season. But my grandson will be on his first deer hunt this year in 2nd season. He has both a buck tag and a doe tag. Any deer will do
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    Prayers asked

    Well, 2 and a half years later things are still going great with the little man. Thought I'd post again to introduce his little brother. Ethan James was born on August 25th in Denver also. He started a bumpy road with different problems. Was born with a hole in his esophagus but a 4 hour...
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    Prepping For Africa 2022

    It's exciting to see you getting ready for your hunt already. I booked mine to go a year before you. But now due to covid and other plans in between I'll actually be going a year after you. That's the soonest my son could still go with me.
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    Time to buy points.

    I'll buy deer and antelope again. Since my son keeps having kids and other hunts planned next year it'll be 2023 or 24 before we can go. Will have 10 antelope and 8 deer points by then.
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    Anyone Else Sitting In line For A Tag?

    There was only 1 tag I was interested in for my grandson but I didn't even try. I've never managed to get one this way. Doe antelope tag that he didn't get in the secondary draw. Apparently whoever drew it didn't pay for it so back it went. We have plenty of decent tags though this year.
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    Canadian Border Opening! You Going?

    I'm considering a January wolf hunt in Ontario. See how things play out over the next month.
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    When Did You Kill Your First Elk?

    22 years old i think in 1990. Late season cow tag in Colorado unit 35.
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    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    So everything above has been canceled at this point. January in Texas i has to cancel as I had the virus. March is canceled in California and Africa postponed for 2 years all due to covid. So, planning to take the family bowfishing in May for a day, going to Texas in late April alone for a...
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    Alaska caribou

    Tok air hunts the same area but will charge you far more for the same service. I used shadow aviation twice and was very pleased with the cost and service.
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    Alaska caribou

    As others here will tell you, getting in with 40 mile air is tough. They rarely have openings for new customers. I made it to first standby once but never got the call. Others have tried for years.
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    Gun Registration Bill HR 127

    I'm with Jim an cc, Same representative
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    It's Official I'm Going Back

    Costs can add up quickly but really some hunts are very reasonable. My hunt is under 3k plus airfare and such. But only 4 animals. Warthog, zebra, blue wildebeest, and blesbok. I've got Romania booked next year for 3800 for red stag and roe deer. I work hunt and fish. I really have no...
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    It's Official I'm Going Back

    Yes on the return test. Right now that's the biggest issue. My understanding was the form also needs to be issued in the year you are going. RSA thinks it's a permit. And also yes I'll be using Henry over there to have things all pre approved and ready. Customs answered the phone on the...