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    On The Go Hunting Maps

    My wife is the same way and I hunt solo much of the time. I value her peace of mind and so I call her once a day if I can. But I also go to get away from civilization for a few days, so I just use a mapping app because it is efficient, I call my wife and (sigh) skim my email once every two or...
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    Split Llama Rental 2nd Season Unit 35?

    Last year I rented llamas and split the cost with another guy and it worked out great. So nice to have an animal carry your gear and game for you and be so easy to care for. All you do is tie them up at camp and offer them water every so often. And they're nearly silent. The other guy is not...
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    Major Forum Updates Coming!

    What does "reaction score" mean?
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    Arrow Backstop

    What is the best inexpensive backstop for arrows? I tried one of those archery nets, and even loose and doubled, my VAPs went through like it wasn't even there. I see where some people use stall mats but it seems like they would be really tough on arrows. It's rare that I miss my block target...
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    Quiet Down!

    One off-season project was for me to make my Summit Viper climbing stand quieter. It's a super-comfortable stand but I sometimes accidentally bump one piece against the other when I set up, making a bad metallic clang. So, I bought 3 rolls of Flex Tape, a 1/16x4/60 rubber tape with an adhesive...
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    Barbary Sheep

    Well guys, it's been a good while since I've had time to be on the forum. Between Eastmans' and my other duties, I've hardly had time to breathe. Fortunately, I get a break in a couple weeks for a Barbary sheep hunt in NM units 32, 34. 36, 37.. If anyone has been and has any thoughts on hunting...
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    Hurricane Florence

    Hurricane Florence, projected to be a Cat 5 storm when it hits our state in the next couple of days has a projected path right by us and our family. To the east of us, rainfall is forecast to be 25". We are far enough inland and the storm is expected to move slowly enough that the winds should...
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    Wyoming Draw Results

    The WYG&F site says draw results will be posted at 10 am MDT.
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    Best Lightweight Day Pack

    What is the best lightweight day pack for spot and stalk western hunting where you're covering a good bit of ground every day, like an archery elk hunt? Assume the meat is coming out via horses.
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    Base Layers - Merino v Synthetics?

    I wear a merino wool base layer. I like the feel, the odor control, fairly light weight and moisture wicking. It seems like a lot of guys are wearing synthetics now. Have synthetics caught up? What do you wear?
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    Winchester, Your Message Box is Full

    Too many stored messages in your inbox. I know you treasure them all, some of our thoughts could be worth a lot one day when we're all famous, but no one can leave a PM for you, or was that by design?
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    Deer Hunting Partner - 3rd Season CO

    Guys, if you're interested in hunting mule deer third season with me, I'm hunting solo at this point. Backpacking a mile or so into a wilderness area in central Colorado. The area took 1 point to draw last year. Don't mind hunting with another guy that likes to hunt solo but would like to...
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    Outlaw Turkeys It's like they know. Don't leave your newspapers out for them to read.
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    What Companies Do You Know That are Committed to Quality?

    I thought the Remington bankruptcy, due largely to its cheapening of its own product while it was owned by Cerberus, a private equity firm deserved another thread that explains the problem in more detail and asks which companies, especially outdoor companies are committed to quality? It's a...
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    Public Land - Count Yourself Fortunate!

    If you live in the West, count yourself fortunate - The 77% of the population that lives east of the Rocky Mtn. states has 7% of the country's federal land on which to hunt without permission. Federal land is 27.4% of the country. At 973,928, it is nearly a million square miles. If U.S...