Deer Hunting Partner - 3rd Season CO


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Guys, if you're interested in hunting mule deer third season with me, I'm hunting solo at this point. Backpacking a mile or so into a wilderness area in central Colorado. The area took 1 point to draw last year.

Don't mind hunting with another guy that likes to hunt solo but would like to share camp and packing out.

I'd rather not have a group, just one guy that will keep the area quiet and not return with eight of his closest friends. I'm 63, nonsmoker, occasional drinker in decent shape, not an ironman, stickler for safety and respect for the law, game and everyone else on the mountain. I love the Lord, but get along fine with those not so inclined. Obviously, time is important with the deadline coming up.

Send me a PM with your phone # if interested.


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Mar 1, 2011
I'd be very interested but all my vacation time is devoted to my Alaska hunt this year. Good luck on your hunt and finding a great partner.


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Darn Hoshour, I read your post a few hours after I applied for a CO muzzy deer tag. If you don't connect with someone, I'd consider going along w/o a tag.


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Oct 4, 2011
Not sure what central wilderness you speak of but I have been around most of em.

Bump And good luck.


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Just as an FYI, but with the new Colorado application system, it is very very easy to modify your hunt choices.
Thanks for the info Umpqua, but I do not have a point (burned all 10 last year), and found that the 3rd season timing just won't work for me. It's good to know you can modify the apps though.


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Feb 22, 2011
Reno Nv
Good luck Dave. I would love to have the opportunity to hunt with you but Co won’t be in my plan for this year.


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Feb 2, 2012
Parker, CO
Dave is a good man! I was fortunate to meet up with him here in CO a few years ago over a cup of coffee! Would love to Join you Dave but will be on another hunt third season! If anyone gets the chance you will have a great time!

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Tim McCoy

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Dec 15, 2014
Wish I could make it. But this year is OR elk and the hunt dates go into early Nov. Would love to meet again over a beer or cup of coffee and talk hunting.


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Thanks, guys. I appreciate all the kind words. I did find someone to go along and I'm looking forward to it.

I was reminded about something important about the draw report during this process. One guy was willing to get a 2nd choice doe tag to go along because he had more points than he wanted to spend on this hunt. At first he didn't think he had good odds to draw it as a second choice because the draw report says 14 applied for the tag as a second choice and only 4 drew. But then I noticed that some applicants drew the doe tag as a 3rd choice. Apparently, 10 guys who listed it as a second choice drew their first choice and were no longer eligible for the second choice tag. That happens all the time.

So, just remember that you can't calculate second choice odds with any accuracy. Just figure the odds are far better than what the figures imply at first glance. This is why we never publish 2nd or 3rd choice odds.


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Jul 8, 2015
I'm in your back yard but unfortunately I have three other hunts planned for this season. I would gladly go with you if I didn't have so many irons in the fire.

Between selling a house and scheduling hunts my vacation time is spent.

Best of luck to you sir!