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One off-season project was for me to make my Summit Viper climbing stand quieter. It's a super-comfortable stand but I sometimes accidentally bump one piece against the other when I set up, making a bad metallic clang.

So, I bought 3 rolls of Flex Tape, a 1/16x4/60 rubber tape with an adhesive backing, and wrapped the bottom piece and the bottom half of the top piece. I got a can of expanding foam and filled the tubes which is what they do on the SD (sound-deadening) stands. With the thin rubber wrap, the foam was probably overkill but for $7, so what? Then I sprayed Pastidip on the area where the cables go in to deaden that and added 1" non-slip stair tread strips.

Because the Flex Tape adhesive is so aggressive it's almost impossible to shift or smooth it once it makes contact, so it ain't pretty and I ran a bit short because I dropped a long strip, but for just a few ounces and $60 the only sound from my climber is it gripping bark as I go up the tree.

Wrapped Stand.jpg
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Rich M

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Oct 16, 2012
Thanks for the report on the flex seal tape. I've got a Millennial M100U that is comfy and I always whack it with a climbing stick to alert the deer... this might help - I'll use it on the stand and sticks.