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    Colorado 44 2nd season

    Great buck! Those eye guards are sweet!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Colorado 44 2nd season

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    colorado mule deer-rifle-unit 15

    You can also stay at some Cabins at the state bridge.
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    First Colorado Mule Deer

    Good job!
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    Another great buck

    You have this deer thing figured out, great buck!
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    The Buck I Missed

    Nice buck, congrats!
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    First rifle/ first elk

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    Unit 100 success

    Great bull, congrats!
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    Home From Wyoming Antelope & Deer Hunt

    Sounds like fun, thanks for sharing.
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    Tagged Out

    Nice buck, congrats!
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    colorado mule deer-rifle-unit 15

    You can stay in Kremmling, have done it before on that hunt.
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    Wyoming unit 100 type 1

    Congrats! Thanks for sharing.
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    2019 NW Colorado Archery Muzzleloader Report

    Great write up, thanks for sharing.
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    My 2019 Idaho archery elk

    That’s a great bull, congrats!
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    2019 Idaho Bull

    Nice job!