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Except for pretty bad tendentious in a knee......in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in. Too much work, some pretty physical, around the place to maintain an exercise regiment.

Though occasionally after coming into the house while watching TV, I’ll dry fire my XFrame S&W (with dot sight) many times from an unsupported hold. Building arm/hand strength, and working on breath and trigger control. It seems to be a cheap, quiet, effective method to improve my shooting. If I don’t use this regiment fairly often.....it’s easily seen in my 100 yard groups from a rest. Hopefully this training will be put to good use this hunting season! 😉 memtb


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Bonecollector 👍! I’m envious. Many years ago, I used to run, but old age, too many other activities, tendentious in a knee, a couple of back surgeries, and pure laziness .....prevents me from running!

I used to keep a calendar at my door.....I’d log every day’s run distance and the run time. If I was working 3 to 11 ‘s (8 hour shift work), I’d often do 2 runs in a day.....one prior to work and one after! My form of self-motivation. The days that I failed to run, would glare at me every time I walked out the door. 🤬. I was much more motivated back then! 😁 memtb


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Nov 30, 2014
Did a long weekend elk scouting trip, hiked some Friday, most the day Saturday, some Sunday, plus crawled over deadfall for a couple miles and several hours. Some of these areas are getting ugly to get into, spent 5 hours trying to get into a spot that normally takes me an hours, finally said screw it and moved on.