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#75 Hard program began this morning. I'm down another two pounds as of this morning's weigh in. Continuing with Intermittent Fasting (eating from 12-8pm).

Workout routine is now as follows...

Monday - Morning Cardio (45 minute walk, 3 miles = 15 minute miles), Lunchtime = Weights w/KB Metcon
Tuesday - Morning Cardio (45 minute ruck), Lunchtime = Weights w/KB Metcon
Wednesday - Morning Cardio (45 minutes of stairs w/#50 pack), Lunchtime = Weights w/KB Metcon
Thursday - Morning Cardio (45 minute walk, same pace as above), Lunchtime = Weights w/KB Metcon
Friday - Mountain Time (moving in the mountains)
Saturday - Mountain Time
Sunday - Mountain Time & evening ruck if 90 minutes of exercise hasn't been attained


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Dec 10, 2018
So I made a deal with my Father who is not in the best shape that I would commit to going to the gym with him every day before work if he signed us up at the local gym. This is our first week. Pray for us that he sticks with it. We have a late season elk rifle hunt coming up In the next couple years and I don’t want his health to hold him back. Also it was easier for me to do this than telling him I think he is very unhealthy.34938