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Sep 5, 2012
Southwest Idaho
I recently bought a Bear Encounter and am switching to compound after shooting a recurve for a while. Just couldn't get my groups down to where I felt comfortable hunting with. My question is about a release. I am on a budget so a Carter is out of the picture for right now. I have shot Scott and Cabelas. I like the Scott one I shot but never found out which model it was. I found a Scott shark on Ebay for $46. That is about my price range. Any other suggestions or thoughts? Kinda leaning toward Scott of some sort but not sure which model. I know I want a buckle strap. Open to all ideas. :eek:


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Feb 19, 2014
Oregon Coast
A release is one of those items where 20 bucks or so makes a difference (IMO).
Went through a lot of cheap ones until a friend loaned me his.

I shoot Scott exclusively as well. Currently shooting a wildcat but I had a mongoose but lost it.
I just found a new Scott Wildcat on Amazon for $45 w/free shipping.
Almost bought it…….:)


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Mar 20, 2013
I also shoot a Scott lil goose and carry one for a backup though I have never needed it. I am not a Velcro fan and this release comes with a buckle wrist strap.


Jul 7, 2014
If you want a carter, look on the Archery Talk classifieds. Always seems to be a deal on used ones. I can't help with others. Have shot Carters exclusively for 15 years. Guys will buy them to try out and not like them for some reason and sell them.


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Jan 22, 2014
I found me a Scott Silverhorn on Ebay for $31!!! Shot with it Saturday and love it!!! Thanks for all the info again.
You'll love that release. And that's a good price too. Some of my friends were intimidated by the "hook" instead of calipers. I prefer it. Once you get used to it (took me all of 5-10 shots), you'll really like the clean release it offers. I decided to "upgrade" to the Rhino XT, which is also a hook style release. It does have a nicer trigger, but overall its really not worth the price difference over the silver horn. That's why I kept my SH as a backup too. Congrats on the purchase, you'll be a Scott release guy for life I bet!!!


Feb 6, 2015
Ditto with the Scott! Love mine. But it's all about confort. Go to a range and shoot your bow with a bunch if releases. The range/shop I go to allows you to try them out before you purchase.