Post Your Favorite Hunting Picture!


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Apr 15, 2015
One of my posse of people, just my Dad, Brother, and I hunting sheep...the way it should be.

Dad finally drew in Montana after applying for a long, long time in a unit in Western Montana. I had plenty of vacation time and was able to spend about a week looking at rams before Dad could hunt. Took lots of video, lots of pictures of rams and I saw a vast majority of the rams in the unit. When Dad was able to get away to hunt, the field had been narrowed to 5-6 rams that I thought were all 180+. He liked this one the best out of all them...

Over 40 on the long horn and 183 and change net B&C.



Oct 13, 2011
Edgar WI
First thanks to all who loaded pictures, and a special shout out to IKEEPITCOLD for that picture of his arm around his daughter packing out that 3X3. It touched my heart. That is what hunting is all about. Many of my most cherished memories are of my Son and I hunting together, especially in the Big Horns.
I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream last summer when I finally worked up the money and nerve and went to New Zealand, here are the results.
NZ Red Stag.jpgNZ Fallow Deer.jpgNZ Tahr.jpg
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Jan 21, 2014
I've posted this before, but still right up at the top of my list. Packing my DIY sheep out after spending half a day in a snowstorm trying to locate him. We couldn't get to him from our side and had to descend and climb clear back up and around the backside of the slope he was on. Then we had to work down to him from the top. By the time we reached him the snow had almost covered him and the fog made it tough to find any reference points on the mountain. Pretty sweet feeling when we finally located him, right where we saw him drop!
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