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Jul 26, 2012
First let me answer the question: ME
You have to be really careful when you are processing your meat in the field. I usually take a 5 cu ft freezer and a small generator, a vacume packer and cutting tools with me when I hunt. I will butcher, package and freeze my meat at camp when I can. Many years ago I got a ticket from a Wyo Warden for not leaving evidence of sex on an edible piece of meat. I had 3 extra doe tags (deer & antelope). The warden was not to enthusiastic about me processing the meat. He said he really could not tell how many animals I had. I said I could have an extra animal all cut up and included in the freezer. I did have evidence of sex, but not on a piece of edible meat..

Just sayin................
I had a case of a guy who shot 20 bull caribou over a few days and had done a very sloppy job of boning them out. The limit was 10 per day in that area, so he had not exceeded the limit. However, trying to recreate 20 caribou from one giant meatball that he had in an airplane hangar was a nightmare. Never mind finding all the evidence of sex.
It was an interesting case. Too complicated to type up here. When we get together again for coffee, I'll tell ya all about it! He did get arrested though.


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Apr 23, 2016
something to think aboot if using a commercial processor.........proof of sex ends up in your burger .


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Apr 11, 2011
The Warden made me empty out the freezer and then he counted the packages and said he couldn't establish how many animals were in the freezer. I was working on butchering a doe deer when he came into camp and I didn't have evidence of sex on any of the meat I was working on. I guess he was splitting hairs, but I cost me $100.00 for the ticket he wrote me.. He then made me lock the freezer and he put a seal on it and told me not to put any more meat in it. We took the hinges apart later so we could open it and leave the seal intact and finished the butchering. I thought the whole deal was pretty chicken s**t. But they know you are not going to stay there and go to court to fight it. I did mention the processor procedure on the tagging, he told me I was not a licensed processing business.

Only time in 40 years hunting Wyoming I have ever had a problem with a warden.
A friend of mine got a ticket for quartering a 6x6 bull elk that we took through the Dubois check station when it was still open. We had ALL the meat, 4 quarters, the backstraps and the neck/head with hide attached. We had the penis/testicles in a bag . TICKET! The warden said that he knew it was a bull, but that without the sex evidence attached it could be a cow that we poached. I told him that I always carried a bull head & antlers & sex organs with me when hunting, He was not amused. He said the locals in Dubois did that all the time. And he added, The law is the law. Got a $75.00 ticket, but didn't confiscate the bull. That Bull was shot a couple miles away from our truck....we had to quarter it.


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Mar 28, 2016
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When transporting meat it is so easy to leave proof of sex on the quarter I don't know why people refuse to just leave it on.

I have a friend who shot a huge mule deer buck. We left the manhood on him when we cleaned him and got him to camp. My friend then proceeded to skin the buck and when the skin came off so did its manhood. He also cut the head off and took all of the hide, head, antlers, and manhood down off of the hill. He was stopped at the bottom by the DWR who then proceeded to check the meat, yep no proof of sex left on the whole carcass. He argued that he had the head, antlers, and the proof of sex still on the hide. It didn't work and he was issued a ticket and was told to go tell it to the judge. When he told it to the judge it still didn't work.


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Feb 21, 2012
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Is there any place still open in Jackson. WY? I normally do my own, but this year will be on a 12 day backpack hunt with a partner, and meat management may become an issue. It appears that Hogg Island meats is no longer in business. There is Dana Cold Storage in Thayne, WY,
but is 60 miles in the wrong direction. Anyone use them?


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Dec 8, 2017
Yeah not hard to leave evidence of sex on a quarter.. even if you process the rest of the meat nothing wrong with keeping one quarter complete and processing it at home. Ted Baker in Peyton is the one I take my meat to as well whenever I don't have time to process myself.. he takes quarters and boned out meat too.

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Jan 3, 2015
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I was told that if you are hunting an area in Wyoming where your tag is good for either sex you do not need to leave evidence of sex attached. Does anyone know if this is true?