Boot Conditioners And Treatments, What Do You Use?

Team Kabob

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May 9, 2014
meltonian water and stain protector is great but will need to reapply so often as it wears off. You can waterproof a paper towel and make it hold water! Snow seal is not bad but I’ve had issues when it gets colder and the wax hardens on the boots and comes off. Also snow seal is a pain if you need to add glue to the boats with that on, good luck! Leather boats need what works saddle soap and dry, cream polish or boot lotion, and buff. Than a protective treatment of choice. I really want to try the one listed above obenaufs.

I’ve work on a few boots and shoes in my high school and college days working dad as a cobbler. Keep my Lowa Tibet’s and 2 Renegades going! Both are on the second pair of soles and one set of renegades still good!3EE0D83F-FC42-4051-B912-125F07F9126F.jpeg8C791E7A-220E-45A7-9384-211C18E68A54.jpeg1D546CB6-59F2-4CED-A3DA-3D9A0E537AFC.jpeg

I’ll post pictures of the new soles and them cleaned up. Also these were brown and I changed them to blacks for duty use since I need new ones for hunting.

Triple BB

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Jun 22, 2013
Look up Grangers. One of the few conditioners approved for Gore Tex. Wouldn’t use snow seal, mink oil or anything else on Gore Tex if it’s a high end boot...


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Jan 25, 2014
Creston BC Canada
When I bought my first pair of Scarpa GTX Kinesis Pro they recommended Nikwax for their boots with Gortex. Doesn't soften the leather and won't interfere with how Gortex works. I am impressed these are the first boot that truly keeps my feet dry, 5 days in wet snow and my feet were not wet from the outside.