2021 Hunting Success Thread


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Jun 20, 2011
Just got home from five weeks hunting bear in southern Wyoming and mule deer in northern Colorado. Had a great time! Retirement is tough...but somebody has to do it. Here's a video.

I'll second CC's comments, your videos are great. Refreshing to hear some decent background music instead of that death metal crap alot of guys use.
Well, for the second year my intention was to shoot a Wyoming muley with an iron sighted Savage 99. This year, I brought the '59 99F in .250Sav. But this year's drought had the sage and Greasewood stunted so badly that it offered no cover for a stalk and shot within 150. Plus the muleys had multiple problems this year, and were pretty much absent. I had to resort to plan B, and switch focus to whitetails. I was forced to go back to the Kimber again this year. It's a boringly accurate and reliable killer.....but it's not a 99. I was targeting a huge main frame 10 with stickers and junk everywhere. I saw him 3 days in a row through the spotter, but ran out of light before he was within my comfort zone. Shitty weather was forecast with heavy snow and 30-40mph winds starting on 10/12 and lasting till the end of my hunt. On 10/11, this guy showed up with about 5 minutes of light left at 230 yards. The 7-08 turned his lungs to jelly and split his heart in half. He fell in his tracks and never moved. In the few minutes it took us to walk out to him, it was full pitch dark when we reached him. Still sitting in camp today, looking out at the snow and wind. Wyoming is an incredible place to hunt, and I had a blast again this year. But, she'll have to wait another year to hear, " the spiteful crack of the 250 Sav". Good luck to all this season.

EDIT: It really was full dark when we took photos. These phone cameras are amazing in their ability to gather light where seemingly, there is NONE to be had.123_1(2).jpeg

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