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    Victory Archery

    Looking at the VAP series and have read mixed reviews on the arrows. Does anyone use them
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    338 Win barrel length

    Which barrel length is best 22 24 26. I did find the Savage Bear Hunter 23". I'm looking to get middle of the road gun.
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    Kifaru Lost Park

    Does anyone have the Lost park parka and pants. I have been looking at it for insulation layer.
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    6.5-284 Bear Load

    The gun shop ordered the wrong caliber instead of 280AI, they got in 6.5-284. Carbon 26" 1:8 This is my first 6.5 caliber, so im looking for range limits and load recommendations.
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    280AI or 28 Nosler

    The Hells Canyon 300 WSM has 26 in barrel. I haven't ruled out a 30 cal have been looking at the 300 PRC
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    280AI or 28 Nosler

    I'm trying to decide between 280AI or 28 Nosler. I'm kinda new to hand loading, just started at end of last year. I'm looking to shoot 800yds maybe push it to 900yds. I'm looking at Kimber Hunter 280AI 24" Savage 110 Long Range Hunter 280AI 26" Browning XBolt Western Hunter 28Nosler 26"...
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    338 Cal Rifles

    I know a lot of guys who "download" the 338 WM for whitetail deer in Maine
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    338 Cal Rifles

    I want to run 225-265. Between 2700-3k fps My budget is 5k
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    338 Cal Rifles

    I'm looking at getting my first 338 Caliber. I grew up a weatherby fan, so instinct lead me to look at the 340 WBY. In the past year I purchased a 28 Nolser and loved the the round then brought into play the 33 Nosler. I'm looking for a long range hunter I'm new to the whole new ballistic of...
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    6mm's 6.5mm's

    Im looking into the 6mm and 6.5mm. What is the benefits of 6mm Rem vs 6mm Creedmoor 260 Rem vs 6.5 Creedmoor Mainly want it for varmints medium sized games
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    Wsm xpr

    I was at my local gun shop and i seen that they had XPR Highland in 325 WSM. They have a $75 dollar rebate on them which makes the gun like $375. I know very little on the XPR rifle are they a good "budget rifle". I know that 8mm isn't the best choice for many I have read a lot of mixed...
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    Fred Eichler Bows

    I have been looking into getting a traditional bow and have been looking at the Hoyt Fred Eichler Bows. Does anyone use them. What is the pros cons of this type of traditional bow.
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    325 wsm?

    Looking at getting a browning A-bolt in 325 WSM. Is it caliber worth picking up or just let on the self.
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    Weatherby Mark V

    I have been looking into getting a new 38 cal rifle. I stopped one of my local gun shops and they have a Weatherby Mark V ARROYO RC in 338-378 WBY MAG the gun had a Nightforce 4-14x-.25. Is the 338-378 a good round or just off the wall wildcat. Could I achieve the same thing buy sticking to a...
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    Does anyone use the 8mm-06?