Wsm xpr


Jan 22, 2012
I was at my local gun shop and i seen that they had XPR Highland in 325 WSM. They have a $75 dollar rebate on them which makes the gun like $375.

I know very little on the XPR rifle are they a good "budget rifle".

I know that 8mm isn't the best choice for many I have read a lot of mixed reviews on the cartridge. What is shooters take on the 325 WSM.

Tim McCoy

Veteran member
Dec 15, 2014
My take on the 325WSM. Great all around cartridge if you hand load. Not the best choice for real LR work, limited hi bc bullet selection compared to several other calibers. More gun than I need, more recoil than I want, but would make a great elk+ rifle. From a factory ammo standpoint, it’s nearly extinct. I’d pass unless I hand loaded and liked larger than 30 caliber payloads. I don’t handload and rarely shoot anything larger or meaner than an elk, so that colors my opinion.