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    Midway - Worth The Watch?

    As long as Ben Affleck isn't in it, it might be pretty good.
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    Rethinking Deer Gun

    Go with the Partitions and forget the SST's in the .243. I've seen numerous failures with that Hornady SST bullet. IMO they perform like an early Nosler ballistic tip.
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    Moose Ribs

    A Cordless Sawzall works slick as snot if you can pack one.
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    Rangefinder not required.

    I had a Bear Grizzly recurve when I was a lot younger. Killed a couple Whitetails with it.
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    Eastman's Click Bait- National Elk Refuge To Starve Elk

    And then hunters won't be needed anymore. The end result is a PETA member's dream.
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    Jack O'Conner/Outdoor Life magazine

    I have some of O'Connor's books and most of Mike Eastman's and Elmer Keith's as well. I have most of Jim Zumbo's offerings too.
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    BLM beware!!

    I take it that you know little about Wyoming politics. Good luck in the voters booth too.
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    BLM beware!!

    Good luck with that in Wyoming. The ranchers/outfitters pretty much control the legislature and they always get what they want.
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    Truck Tires - on/off RD

    I had Yokahamas on my Tundra, they sucked. I bought Cooper Discoverers, I liked them so much I bought a set for my wife's Honda CRV. I'm sold on Coopers, they seem to last forever.
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    GETTIN OLD.......

    I'm nipping at your heels Cowboy. I had neck fusion surgery, right knee replacement (now the left needs replacing) and I need both shoulders replaced. I'm 72 this year. Didn't draw a tag so I'm fishing this fall I guess. Maybe buy a General Deer tag.
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    New access law

    Too bad so many Wyoming legislators are connected to the agricultural industry. It would be great if Wyoming could provide more access to Federal lands.
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    California's new Ammunition Law

    You will never satisfy the gun grabbers by giving them an inch. They want a mile and they never quit. Total confiscation is their end goal. Compromise with them never works.
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    California's new Ammunition Law

    All the above are "Pretty reasonable in my mind" ? Really? All 24 that you mentioned. I'm glad I live in Wyoming.
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    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    thanks sig & eastmans.
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    Major Forum Updates Coming!

    I don't care for the dark background.