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    If you could change your profession, what would it be?

    Porn star. I'm not a gynecologist, but I'll take a look.
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    Unit 62 Antelope

    I have no idea. I have some buddies from Wisconsin coming out to hunt deer #87 that is right next door to Antelope #62. I may hunt the opener or may wait until they come out for the deer. I'm staying flexible.
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    Unit 62 Antelope

    You know there were only 30 tags for area#62? I drew one too. I last hunted #62 in 1995 and took a 15" buck with great mass. They really cut the tag #s in most Red Desert areas. We were lucky.
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    WY Draw Results Antelope/Deer/Elk (Residents)

    Nothing for Elk or Deer. I did put in for a Red Desert Antelope tag for the heck of it. I'm surprised, I drew a type 1 tag in an area that had a 30 tag quota.
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    Wyoming 1990

    The 70's were great for just about all big game in Wyoming. I took my best Mulies and Antelope in the 70's & 80's.
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    Altitude sickness

    It'll also get you arrested, lol.
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    pa elk hunting

    Are there any of these PA elk on public land? Is there any public land in PA that's not overrun with hunters or all the elk on private land.
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    What Pistols Do You All Carry?

    For concealed carry I pack a Springfield EMP in 9mm. For elk hunting in Bear country, my S&W stainless Mountain gun in .41 magnum or my Ruger SuperRedHawk in .454 Casull.
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    If You Had a Wyoming Commissioner Tag..

    Really? I had no idea.
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    What is your go to elk rifle / ammunition combo?

    My favorite elk rifle used to be my model 70 Winchester stainless classic in .375 H&H magnum using 235 grain Barnes X bullets. Now since my neck fusion surgery coupled with arthritis in both shoulders I switched to a model 660 Remington carbine in .243 shooting 100 grain Nosler partitions, and...
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    If You Had a Wyoming Commissioner Tag..

    The Ferris tag can be a tough hunt. There are some big bulls there, but the country is rugged and steep where the bulls are. They can be easier to hunt in the foothills during the rut during the archery season though. Drawing a 22 tag is near impossible, I drew the tag once in 30 years of applying.
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    another democrat grab for guns

    Funny how the people like Bloomberg and Deblasio and others that want to take away our 2nd amendment rights are the ones that have armed guards protecting THEM. I guess they feel their lives are more important than the average citizen.
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    Opening The Can Of Worms...Coronavirus...

    Swine flu and bird flu came courtesy of China. The same ones who gave the world the Kung Flu or Corona virus. Thanks China!
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    pump action 12 ga versus 45-70 lever rifle for alaskan bear defense

    Shotgun before a lever action rifle any day.
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    Why no standardized .24-06 and .26-06 ??

    There is a 6mm/06. Not a standard caliber however.