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    Anyone here use the .308

    Does anyone here use the .308 for hunting and if so, what grain bullet do you find has the best terminal ballistics, I have used the 110 grain and it works great for coyote's and has little recoil, I just puchased some 168gr. and think that's gonnna be a bomber round!
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    What video equipment does everyone use?

    I was just curious what video equipment everyone uses, I'm looking at buying a camera to take with me on my backpack hunts. I'm not interested in big professional camera's but a good handheld HD unit to put on my tripod.:cool:
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    Need Tripod !

    There are lots of threads on Spotting scopes, and only a couple on tripods. I'm getting a Swaro 80mm STM so now that you know this, what would be a good tripod to stick under this? I'd like one thats not to heavy but I don't want my scope to be shaking all over the place either. Does anyone have...
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    New bow- what weight of arrow would be best

    I bought a Hoyt maxxis 31 this year 28" draw @ 60lbs, I am shooting 350 grain Carbon Express Maxima arrows right now and its shooting good. I plan on hunting elk this year with it and wondered if It would benefit me to go with a higher grain arrow, I've killed lots of deer with a 350 arrow, but...
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    Black Bear

    Anybody hunt black bear in BC or Alaska on the west coast? whats the best places to hunt nice bears with good coats, for a budget minded hunter
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    Another Spotter Question

    I've read the thread on angled vs straight, but here's another. Should I go with a standard 20-60 power eyepiece or would i benefit from a 25-50 wide angle? and because I do some backcountry hunting and alot of open country is it worth getting an 80mm instead of the 65mm since its only 8oz...