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    Not Sitting At Home

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    Lion recipe

    I made some breakfast sausage out of it but want to do the steaks and roast justice
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    New World Record Nontypical Elk

    Good story
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    Lion recipe

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    Lion recipe

    Got a lion in idaho this past spring during my bear hunt. Kept every bit of meat. Made some breakfast sausage that was great. Ive made chicken fry, and steaks out of it. Wondering if anyone has any other recipes they were willing to share. Thanks
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    No More Game Cameras in AZ!

    I think the anticipation to check my cameras is about the same for checking my traps. Never know what your going to catch on them. I use them for deer. Ive learned alot about deer behavior throughout the years using them.
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    Nebraska cow elk

    Thats what im thinking of doing, be worth the drive out id imagine. I made a few calls to some ranchers and they all said its pretty hit or miss but should be able to find some. They ones i talked to seemed very willing to give permission for this type of hunt. Typical western nebraska folks...
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    Nebraska cow elk

    Pretty excited, drew a nebraska cow elk tag for the hat creek unit up by chadron. Was wondering if anyone has any contact info for ranchers up that way that allow cow elk hunters or has had success in the past. Permit is good from nov 1st to jan 31st. Thanks, really excited just very limited...
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    Caption contest for prize!

    Uh o i think im at the bottom of a canyon 5 miles deep.
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    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    3.5 points does not get a guy a general tag. Bummer.
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    How do you hunt for hunting rifles on sale?

    Right around the end of december there is always good deals
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    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    Leave two weeks from today. Always an epic trip
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    Dog issue

    Im glad your job allows for that, mine doesnt. Ive got a wireless collar, and he respects it.
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    Time is up! Good luck!

    Applied for points only. If new mexico or wyoming dont happen then ill look at colorados left overs.