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    Bear bait

    I can get a 25 lb bag of cat for 5.25. Pretty cheap. I already got some sweet feed. Trying to get a variety of bait with substance to try to hold big bears at my baits. I have no problems keeping the little ones hitting my baits, but the big ones hit and clean me out.
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    Bear bait

    Nice! I knew people used dog food but couldn't find anything on cat food. I've used popcorn in the past and it has worked good but want to use something with more substance
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    Bear bait

    Anyone ever use cat food for bear bait. If so did you have success.
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    Closure question

    Wondering if the forest service is shutting down roads in national forest roads in the forest because of the virus. Has there been any discussion about it. I know campgrounds are closed.
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    Emergency Meeting

    Luckily I bought my license. Bear tag and bait permits a few weeks ago.
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    shelter in place

    It will be interesting how long the general public will take the stay at home orders. Luckily nebraska doesn't have stay at home yet, if they did I'd go fishing lol. I'm planning on hitting the catfish hard to stalk up on fish and planting a little more in the garden this year just in case.
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    shelter in place

    This virus has killed the constitution. The numbers the models gave are way over blown, and it has caused governors to act like the little socialist they always wanted to be. I'm tired of it. Good thing is that I've gotten a little fishing done.
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    Hunting Seasons In Trouble?

    In my opinion it's a little of an over reaction to cancel spring seasons. I'm disappointed in my state for canceling the nonresident Turkey hunt and close all state park camping. I'm planning on a bear hunt in idaho end of may and still planning on going. Getting a bear checked in sounds like...
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    Bow hunters

    Dont be afraid of a used bow. I got a used hoyt hyperforce and it shoots great. Used to be someone's backup bow that didn't get much use.
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    Question About Hunting in Africa

    So a 6000 dollar hunts turns into a 10000 dollar hunt in a hurry lol. That's too bad, I was hoping it wouldn't be more than a 1000.
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    Question About Hunting in Africa

    What does it cost to bring your horns and capes back?
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    Found a big one

    That's awesome
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    Bear hunting North Idaho

    I'm heading south of you a ways. Going to run a few baits a try to find a big one this year. Can't wait!!!
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    Preference Points Going into the Draw

    I'll take your 18 points, then you dont have to be in the race then lol. Good luck and hope you draw