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    Got it done!!

    Your a great guide for that lady of yours! Congratulations to you both!!
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    Insulated Crispi’s

    No clue. I've never had a pair of hunting boots make it longer than 2 years. My West River boots are at 4 years old and easily can make it a few more years. They're not made cheap, that's all I know.
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    Scope Upgrades…

    My daughter's rifle is a wood stock .243, so fairly low recoil, but I think I'm just going to spend the extra money.
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    Scope Upgrades…

    I'm there same boat, except for my daughter's rifle. Debating on just putting a Leupold VX-Freedom on her gun, or giving her my VX-3 3.5x10 and getting a VX-3 4.5x14 with ballistics dial for my gun. Figure I'm already half way there with the Freedom, might as well spend a little more and we both...
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    Insulated Crispi’s

    I have the West River for 4 years. Still in great shape, still really comfortable, and I'd buy them again without ever looking at a different boot beforehand.
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    Colorado 2nd Rifle weather

    Looks like a great time, good luck and have fun!!
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    NR Tags Could Get Huge Price Increase

    Facts outweigh fiction. Remember when around like 90% of all comments that went on public record with name and town to the G&F opposing NR tag reduction?? They literally posted lists of them on the G&F website for everyone to read. That didn't favor one single resident publicly went on record.
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    NR Tags Could Get Huge Price Increase

    Dude, seriously, pull your head out of your azz. You have zero idea how many residents have spoke out against this verbally, and in written form. D bags like you making blanket statements on public forms really make it hard to keep fighting, for you
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    3 antelope points buy one or ?

    Buy a point. An antelope hunt can easily be done by yourself, and its an easy enough hunt to bring a non-hunter with too. I'd say 5 points plus is where I'd be aiming for as NR, if your only going once. I say that for the fact it'll get you into an area with more public land, and in many cases a...
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    Harvest Season Torrington WY / Scotts Bluff NE

    Very few geese, but lots of cranes!
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    Daughters first big game animal

    My daughter turned 12 this year and when it came time to apply for tags she didn't want to put in for antelope or elk, just deer. Draw came and went and she didn't draw first choice and ended up with a general tag. Then volleyball season threw a wrench into the mix when her team went undefeated...
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    75 years old on hospice and got it done

    Best story of the year!!
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    Elk unit 48

    I work some in that Lysite to Lost Cabin area, I've seen some good bulls in there, be a fun place to hunt. If you got access to land that holds elk, that'd be even better.
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    Daughters first bull

    That is fantastic!!
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    Colorado Elk - And so it begins.

    Awesome, Slugz! Congrats to everyone, looks like a great time!