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    Meat processing around Laramie WY

    Few choices in Cheyenne also. I had a hog butchered at one of the only options here in Cheyenne, I never had them do another.
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    Sitka light weight hoodie versus apex hoodie

    Any of the wool. I've got at least one piece of everything, it all great!
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    Sitka light weight hoodie versus apex hoodie

    Base layer and mid weights I'd go with first lite also.
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    50 by 50

    I dropped just over 20 pounds in a few months just changing the amount I eat at meal time, cutting out snacks, mostly after supper. Still eat whatever just less of it, and just find some go to activity that you'll do regardless of the day. Good luck, you can do it!
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    Who else is...

    That's the shit's...😂 Hope it's fixed!
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    Who else is...

    Day 4 of influenza A. I'm royally getting my arse kicked. My son is home sick from school with the same. As freaking miserable as I am, it's the greatest sick week ever hanging out with him. We've been binge watch MeatEater everyday between naps, almost out of episodes so we need to be better...
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    Million acre land buy

    Here's another article with a map that might be the land being talked about.
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    Primos Trigger Stick

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    2020 Javelina Hunt

    Looks awesome, congrats on the memories! Like to get my boy down there some year over Christmas break.
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    Million acre land buy

    I agree, just happy that the state isn't the last guy to the dance on this, hopefully...
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    2021 W

    You can draw every NR region deer tag in the special draw except G by last year's draw odds. Narrow it down to an area or 2 and hit us up with some specific questions. Good luck!
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    Million acre land buy

    Wyoming is currently looking into purchasing around a million acres along the I-80 corridor. I vote do it...
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    hello from ND

    Welcome to the forum, looks like you've been done well!
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    Gooseapalooza 2019-2020 ( Ducks too)

    Skunkzilla is waayyy better than the workzilla I had going today! Good luck on the final days!!
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    My "Western Rifle" Weight

    Don't have a clue what my rifle weights. All I want in a rifle is for it to shoot straight and not kick like a mule.