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    So I'm thinking a lot about getting started waterfowl hunting. I've got tons of opportunities right out my front door and haven't got into it even though a lot of my friends do hunt waterfowl. I was wondering about camo. I understand that hunting on and near water is different than in the...
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    Shall I bear hunt?

    I am thinking about going bear hunting this next year. Most likely spring as fall is usually full of elk,deer and bird hunting. South Central Idaho. I know my hunting area's somewhat. I have seen bear sign while hiking during the summer. I will be rifle hunting. Any tips for a first time bear...
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    2013 Bear Encounter Compound Bow!!!!!

    I have for sale a 2013 Bear Encounter. I bought this July 2014. This bow is in great shape. I took it hunting 3 days this last season. I have shot it quite a bit just getting ready for the season. Also for sale with the bow are: 6 Cabelas Carbon Hunter arrows 55/70, 1 Beestinger 8'' black...
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    Oops! !! Late introduction

    Been lurking here and just started posting recently. I was looking for my intro post today and couldn't find one so I must not have. Well anyway...I am a respiratory therapist/ construction guy. Hunt elk, deer, and upland game. Hike, camp, and fish also. Volunteer firefighter to. Sorry about the...
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    Theron Optics???

    Has anyone used Theron Optics? I noticed they are having sale right now. My 16 yr old nephew needs a good pair of binos and his budget isn't that great. The Wapiti LT 8 or 10 x 42 are on sale for $130. MSRP is $279. Should I advise him to buy em? Thoughts? Thanks.
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    I recently bought a Bear Encounter and am switching to compound after shooting a recurve for a while. Just couldn't get my groups down to where I felt comfortable hunting with. My question is about a release. I am on a budget so a Carter is out of the picture for right now. I have shot Scott and...