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    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    Definitely mule deer!
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    Deer area 105/106

    The trip was a success! I spotted a herd of deer about 2 miles away and could tell one was a nice buck. We headed for the truck to get closer parked the truck and snuck in for a 75 yard 1 shot kill. we went back to the cabin and hung her buck and went out for a wolf hunt but no luck. We went...
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    Deer area 105/106

    My wife is wanting to try for a muley in the sunlight basin area this weekend. I have spent a ton of time in both of these areas during most of the year hunting fishing and snowmobiling except for the last part of october and early november. I have a pretty good idea of where we should go but...
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    The 2018 Antelope Picture Thread!

    I took some kids out antelope hunting last weekend. For 2 of them it was their first hunt and it turned out great. I used a 270 that was my grandpa's rifle with a 4 power weaver on it. Definately my favorite hunt of the year!
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    The 2018 Elk picture Thread

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]22233[/ATTACHMy daughtors first elk hunt!!!
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    How many activities, sports, etc... do you participate in?

    2018 Pro 155. It sucks buying a sled in 90 degree weather but couldnt pass up the rebates on the holdovers! It should be quite the change from a 2006 summit!
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    The 2018 Mule Deer Picture Thread!

    Opening day was all i hunted this year. He flipped over after i shot him and broke his left horn just under the back fork.
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    High Country Muleys Who's In?

    ? here is one for you Scott. It has forks too!
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    Fishing Photos 2018

    Nice one! We fished from shore. Here is last years paddlefish
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    Fishing Photos 2018

    Couldnt hook one on both harvest days but got these 2 on catch and release day. Still was alot of fun tho!
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    The drag out

    Here is this years deer on the cart. They arent too fun in rocky trails or really steep hills but it has been really nice to have!
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    2017 elk success thread, post em up

    My public land limited quota bull. It was my mom's first elk hunting trip and we had a blast. It couldn't have died in a better spot!
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    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    My wife's limited quota buck. It has some pretty neat points.
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    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    We had another great season! This is my deer. General tag public land.
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    Moo Cow Decoy?

    The decoy worked great! Used it the last 3/4 mile to get about 450 yards from the herd. Missed the first shot and drilled it with the 2nd. I highly recomend the decoy for any open country hunting. Pretty hard to keep under control in the wind but it can be done