Your Oldest Animal


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Feb 3, 2014
My buck this year is probably my oldest animal. There might have been a doe as a teenager, warden told me I did her a favor lol...

Check out his face close up, just looks old.
What was your oldest? Post a pic, I will post a close up of this guy’s molars.


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Jul 8, 2015
I shot a goose that was older than me one time and I was in my late teens.

I shot a female black bear that was if I recall 10 years 10 months old. And yes that is the same sweatshirt I was wearing 12 years ago that I was wearing this year when I killed my

I shoot a cow elk in Colorado with my bow back in 02 that appeared to be pretty old. Hardly had any teethe left and it was tougher than a boiled owl and tasted like a pine cone....worst meat I ever ate.

Probably the oldest three animals that I ever killed except for a snapping turtle I trapped when I was a kid that was too big for me to pick up out of the water by myself. lol

Colorado Cowboy

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
I shot a Canada Goose that was pretty old .

We have a pretty good population of non migratory Canadians here. There were none in the 80's. In the early 90's DOW trapped some near Pueblo and relocated them to here and they never really left. We now have thousands that provide some decent hunting. In 2004 I shot one that was banded. I contacted DOW and they put me in contact with the Biologist who tagged it. It was tagged in 1990 as an adult, so it was over 14 years old. Pictures were taken less than a mile from my place. There are 4 to 6 pairs that nest on my pond every year.


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Mar 28, 2016
Gypsum, Co
Mine would be my muzzle loader elk that I shot back in 2014. His molars were next to non existent and even his ivories were wore down to less than 1/2 of what they should of been. We guessed him to be 13 to 15 years old which is old for a wild elk.

Here are his ivories. The ones on the outside are just for comparison and were from a elk that I shot many years ago. I have them there just for comparison.



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Dec 26, 2015
Shot a black bear in AK that was 17 years old. Hard to believe, but that was back in 1997. We took about 20 disposable cameras only had one picture that turned out on my "bear camera" and it was a foggy picture of one paw. Guess the constant rain for 3 weeks on Prince of Wales was more than it could handle!!


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May 20, 2017
A 7 year old snow goose is my oldest, or possibly a buck I killed a couple of years ago. Has bases not much smaller than coke cans. The taxidermist threw the jawbone away after I told him to keep it :rolleyes:
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Feb 28, 2011
Lakeside, AZ
I was fortunate to arrow a mule deer in CO above timberline. He had CDOW ear tags with numbers. After calling them in, I learned my deer was netted on the winter range 5 years earlier about 80 miles away and tested for CWD. He was aged then at 4.5 years 9.5 years old for a mule deer. Definitely on the downhill side based on his antlers, kinda cool to know for sure.

I arrowed a bear in CA one year that the tooth data revealed almost 19
years wonder the meat was tough’ 😎32612


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Feb 21, 2012
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Just like with humans, the female of the species tend to live a lot longer than the males, even without hunting as a mortality factor, Cervidae females especially so. If I have to guess, then it is likely one of the cow elk that I killed was much older than even the biggest bull that I shot. I should probably not count the 19 year old family cat that I put down recently.


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Apr 15, 2015
Wyoming black bear that was 22 years old.

Have shot cow elk for sure in their late teens/maybe 20 but didn't get them aged.

Oldest bull elk I killed was 10.5...oldest whitetail buck 9.5, dall sheep 11.5.


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May 2, 2016
SE Wyoming
Took a doe pronghorn that tooth aged at 12 1/2 years, oldest the WG&F lab had aged at that time.
Have taken 10 1/2 year old whitetail buck and 10 1/2 yd old mule deer buck .
The bull elk I took this year has very worn teeth, may get him aged.


Oct 27, 2014
My 2016 bull is the oldest elk I have ever killed. I didn’t get him aged but I should have. The first ivory is from a young 6 point bull, the second is a 350” bull, and the third is my 2016 bull. His ivory’s were flush with his gums. I have never seen smaller ivory’s on an elk.

dan maule

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Jan 3, 2015
Upper Michigan

This deer basically had no teeth left. The taxidermist estimated him at 10 to 11, he asked me if he could keep the jaw bone to put on his display. He has a display of jaw bones showing the the different ages and at the time I shot this deer it was the oldest one he had. I have always been skeptical about tooth wear for aging as I have seen multiple "experts" age the same deer at several different ages. I would assume that an animals specific diet and differences in soils would affect tooth wear. All that aside I know this deer was pretty old because I had missed him with an arrow 5 years before I finally killed him. He had lost about 30 to 40 inches of antler in that time.
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