YETI Cooler air conditioner for the tent


Nov 9, 2011
Hey guys! Here is a fun video I did on a a/c build for the tent with the help of YETI (they supplied the cooler). It can be done with any cooler, pretty much, but we had some fun seeing what a $400 cooler looked like with holes cut into it. It actually held block ice for days, even with the holes cut in the top. Not sure how long the ice would've lasted if we ran the fan more per day...

I love tent camping over a camper, but hate the midday heat in a tent. I watched lots of videos on YouTube and saw lots of options and ways to do it. I ended up upgrading to this fan for more airflow from Vornado: The fan in the video only moved air at 4mph (tested with a Kestrel unit). The new Vornado fan almost quadrupled it to 15mph. I even tested a Milwaukee cordless leaf blower a guy in town had, but it was way too noisy and expensive for this. It did blow air at 50mph, though!!!!! I had to actually force my hand with the Kestrel in it against the output tube because it was blowing so hard....LOL!



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Dec 11, 2020
Yeti air conditioners are a continuation of the popular Silence New series. through the use of state-of-the-art p32 freon and state-of-the-art high-power compressors, the neoclima yeti series has become a complete air-to-air heat pump. I only encountered the problem a few days after installation. Many masters said that he would not work anymore but turning to it turned out that there is not such a big and expensive breakdown as many said. It is thanks to the skill and professionalism that my air conditioner works.
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