WY draw 2022 deer & ant


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Feb 23, 2011
I got skunked again. Plus my units of interest went up so much I will probably will need to apply somewhere else next year. I will adapt and hopefully spend my points next year.

Looks like after a long draw season I'm left with a OTC blacktail tag in my home state. I will make the most of my tag for sure.

Happy hunting


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Apr 15, 2015
Just another ho-hum Wyoming draw for me.

A couple doe pronghorn to throw away, 2 cow tags plus general elk, additional buck whitetail and general deer, and a good pronghorn tag.

Between those and my moose permit, should keep me plenty busy.

Wife drew a good pronghorn tag too.


Jun 24, 2016
We drew antelope tags for unit 32. Strangely out of four hunters none drew the doe tag which should have been about 50% for non-resident. But with three buck tags looking forward to an exciting hunt anyways.
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Apr 25, 2016
Cedar Rapids, IA
After scouring the leftover reduced price tags over, looking at my finances, and considering my long term game on where I might want hunt a buck in future years, on public lands,-even if I got in or near an area in the hopes of learning it, I just can't justify going for what's left.

Just too many land access issues and potential migration timing challenges for me to commit the resources to the remaining tags in WY G&F's 'bargain bin'

I called a dozen different property owners inquiring about trespass fees, and only 1 called back, with a $600/day/gun option for does; though that did include lodging. Still too rich for my blood. lol. Granted, all those folks are probably getting alot of calls from guys frantic to work a 'plan b' ahead of the leftover draw.

I need to do something selfish and fun though; maybe will come out to camp and fish during the elk rut?

Or, just apply what I save on not going to my 35 Whelen build? Maybe go for a nicer scope?

Ah, the taste of bittersweet wine...🍇
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