What Is Your Favorite All Around Caliber...And Why????


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Mar 6, 2019
Like any 6.5 cartridge that gets me 2700-2900 fps with a 140 berger vld. Very good performer to quite long range.


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Mar 9, 2014
My wife and I use only one rifle for ?all? of our big game hunting. She, a .338 WM....225 TTSX?s @ 2950. Myself, a .375 AI....250 TTSX?s @ 3130.
Both calibers are capable of taking any game animal in North America, and Africa. Though the .338, would not be legal for everything in Africa....but anything we would likely hunt! memtb
Curious- Is it safe to assume you have a muzzle break on each? I agree, those both will put a hurt'n on just about anything.


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Dec 24, 2013
South Dakota
Custom 300 RUM. It shoots .25" group consistently and I love a big bullet hitting hard. Lots of energy for the elk, putting them down quick. Running a 225 gr bullet at 3050 with 4647 ft lbs of energy out of the muzzle.

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Jun 8, 2011
Dolores, Colorado
Interesting article. I do love my custom .300 Wby (on a commercial Mauser action). One thing mentioned is reloading....my Wby's (.both .300 & .257) were the hardest calibers I have ever had to develop reloads for. Interesting is the authors bullet choice, the Nosler Partition. 180 gr Nosler partition bullets are all I use for my .300 and it shoots less that 1/2 min groups. I love it.


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Jan 19, 2019
Mine: .375 AI, in a 9.0 pound pkg. (scoped, loaded, slung). 250 TTSX’s @ 3130 fps. It is used for everything in NA, and fully “Africa” capable. From muzzle to 600+ yards.....very effective on game! It’s not quite as practical for the average shooter as my wife’s favorite cartridge!

Wife: .338 WM, just under 9.0 pounds (scoped, loaded, slung), 225 TTSX’s @ 2950 fps. No explanation necessary.....good for everything in NA, good to 600+ yards, ammo readily available (if you have to buy it)! memtb
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Nov 30, 2019
I'm a .30 06 guy too. Got one for Christmas when i was 10 years old, a used Remington 742 woodsmaster. Shot a few muleys with it after moving to colorado in 2004 , but I wasn't accurate after 100 yds. Short barrel, used heavily, maybe barrel was copper fouled? Itching for a new one once i scraped together enough $ and chose a Ruger American in ought six. Light, accurate, and i can use it as a tool not an heirloom! Looking to get to shooting 165 gr Accubond or Partitions for double duty deer and elk. Been using hornady SST in 180 gr but not liking performance on elk...