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Apr 23, 2016
Why is that, too close to home? But disparaging Kamala Harris is ok though?
may not be ok but it sure as heck is funny.

which one of her races was disparaged????????? was it the black ,the indian , the southern asian????????????????? asking for a friend. :ROFLMAO:

just looked at the desparaging kamala post is that racist?????????????? even white wimmun sleep their way to the top.:unsure:

I see nothing racist in it at all. no one but you mentioned her race. the meme merely mocked her for being loose.

here's a tip . what makes a meme funny is the element of truth., come on man , up yer game.
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Mar 27, 2014
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Why is that, too close to home? But disparaging Kamala Harris is ok though?
Dude, your post said patriot people are just hiding their racism. Many of us are patriotic but certainty not racist. That is very offense and you should be able to understand that.

And the post disparaging Kamala was about her sleeping her way to the top which is funny because it’s true ... and it doesn’t say anything about her race at all. You are the only one talking about her race.

Bottom line: racism isn’t funny and racist memes probably won’t be funny either. Try to stay away from that and look for something funny for once.

C’mon ... you can do better.


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Nov 1, 2012
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As a conservative i wouldn't have found this funny a couple days ago. My blood pressure has come down a bit and this made me smile. I thought id share Screenshot_20201112-154329_Chrome.jpg
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