The Memes Thread!


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Feb 28, 2011
I'll laugh at a meme that pokes fun at either side of the political aisle.. If they're funny.

No matter how you vote, you can't deny that the R's have the meme market cornered.
Its just that we have so much material to work with LOL
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Jul 26, 2012
Anchorage Alaska
I won't be voting for President Trump because I like Donald Trump. I'll vote for him because he'll support the 2nd amendment, he'll oppose ILLEGAL immigration, he supports the police and he opposes killing the unborn. Our economy and military have prospered because of his policies and he's kept his promises even in the face of all his haters. Most important to me is; he supports my right to worship God, which I will do even if the democrats win.

He is easy to make fun of though and can be a quite unpresidential at times, but still a far better option than the alternative.


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Jul 8, 2015
We knew what we were getting with Trump. It's the politicians that we don't know. I can respect anyone's opinion and share a campfire with those of different opinions. However, Love him or Hate him, I do NOT want socialism. It's bigger than any one man at this point in time.
God bless & save America.

Think I need to bring up my air stolen air-conditioner post again to cheer him up? I think he put a "Frowny face" on my post about that. lol

To clear the air, I'm not racist. I hate all idiots equally.