Thanksgiving Buck!


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Nov 30, 2014
Made an unfortunate short notice trip back to Wisconsin for a funeral, so I decided to pick up my 11 year old son a deer tag since there $7. We would only have 1 or 2 mornings total to hunt, but I just thought it would be more of a nostalgic hunt on my dad's farm with my son. There was 8" of fresh snow Thanksgiving morning, with no tree stands suitable for 2 people my brother did us a solid and set a ground blind for us. We seen good amounts of tracks in the field leading back to the swamp edge we were sitting by which was promising! Once in place we sat till 9 without seeing a critter, my son asked how much longer till we left, I think he was getting bored of sitting in one spot. We kept peeking out the windows behind us just in case, and sure enough at 9:10 a brown body appeared catty corner behind us off the swamp line. We were able to zip down a blind window and get the gun out. As the buck was walking and hit an opening I bleeted at him, he stopped, but turned looking at us, he started walking again an I bleeted again, this time he stopped more broadside, and the big old .223 65 grain rang out. He was 23 yards away, and made it 50 yards after that little pill completely jellied his heart. Great being able to relive a tradition with my son and having a fun day in a week that otherwise sucks.
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Apr 25, 2016
Cedar Rapids, IA
Sympathies for your loss; but a positive spin on the experience: your boy to get to hunt out there, and to connect on a buck is way cool, congrats to you both!
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