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Feb 25, 2014
Eastern Nebraska
I have enough room for my moose, my thumper whitetail, my monster muley, and my heart shaped antelope. Having enough room and having them are two different things.View attachment 33889
Looks like you started with the most challenging- a lot of guys would trade their Moose, whitetail, muley, and antelope for a nice goat and sheep.

I think your checklist could be done in a couple of years... or at least significantly shortened!
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Oct 4, 2011
Thanks guys 👍. That buck above was one I never thought I would beat on size but after I looked at him next to my 2019 archery buck I have to say he might have been bumped to #2...

I will try and get a pic of them both together. Kinda sad having him home it was always fun to visit him at my grandmothers house.