Looking for a good 150gr Broadhead, mechanical or fixed


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Sep 7, 2018
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Hello all.. So I'm relatively new to bow hunting and have myself an Excaliber Micro 335. Last year even though I got a buck I was unhappy with the Excaliber Bolt cutters. Not much of a blood trial or non at all. Is there a company out there that makes an 150gr mechanical or wider fixed blade Broadhead? Or is my other option to buy a 22 or 50gr weight and use 100 or 125gr heads. I understand resighting in will have to be done and that's not much of an issue. I'm just looking for a good broad head that will leave an good blood trail, and the reason for this is a hunt is a very swampy area where there is a lot of long grass, willows, cedars and water 3 feet deep in spots, and last year with my buck thanfully he fell dead in the field 5 yards short of bushline where I'm sure it would have taken a hound to find him, due to that fact other then the odd little speck of blood dropping on the ground there was virtually no blood trail to follow. So I'm interested in other options, Rage, Wasp etc.
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Feb 25, 2014
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A heavier broad head will not necessarily result is a better blood trail. Shot placement and proper equipment tuning are the keys. A 100 grain broad head with a 1"+ cutting diameter passed through both lungs (with an exit wound) will result in a massive blood trail. Many broad heads will leave questionable blood trails if the hit isn't ideal and/or there is no exit wound.

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Jan 26, 2018
Hilltop is correct,a heavier broadhead has nothing to do with a blood trail.The size"diameter"of the head and pass thru penetration will get the blood flowing.:cool:


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Dec 10, 2018
I agree with above. However if you are looking for a good mechanical broadhead. I live and die by the Rage Hypodermic. The full metal construction works wonders in my experience. This helps when you do have one of those bad shots. It still bust through. I've harvested many Hogs with this broad head and no complaints.