Found a big one

Granby guy

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Nov 5, 2012
Grand Lake, Colorado
Sorry guys I got really busy at work after my 2 elk hunts. Well the 390 got bumped that night but I did manage to find him again the 2nd day but he gathered his cows and headed into an area that I would have to wait for him to come back out. In the mean time I kept hunting and one morning I found a 360 bull walking across the flat with 10 cows. I watched him for a while and figured out that I could get ahead of him and intercept him. When I got in place they kept coming just as I had hoped and they were going to come in front of me at about 450 yards. He was the only bull in the group and as they got close they had had to cross a small draw maybe 30 feet across and 8 feet deep. I decided to shoot as soon as he came out of the draw before he was out of range. I got set up, saw the cows come out then saw the bull. I shot, he fell and the 360 bull walked out of the draw and stood over him. I have ne idea where this other bull came from. He wasnt with this herd that I had been watching for 30 minutes. My only guess is that he was already in that tiny draw but what were the chances. He ended being a 300 bull and i was sick. So lesson learned....double check before you pull the trigger. It was still a fun hunt and i met a lot of great people.


Apr 14, 2016
Any bull elk you can harvest is a trophy in my book, congrats on filling your tag. Plus those other bigs bulls you were after have chance to grow even bigger for next year.


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Granby Guy,
Thanks for letting us know how your hunt ended up. I can see how that could happen. 360- 390 bull would be something but 300 bull in Colorado is still a good bull. Congrats and who knows those bigger bulls might just be there the next time you draw that tag.


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Jul 8, 2015
He sent out the sacrificial lamb.....seen it many times with whitetails lol. 300" bull would be fine by me. Unless I had killed a ton of elk.