Favorite Autoloading Shotguns

RTH Buteo

New Member
Feb 20, 2021
I am in the market for a great 12 gage auto loader in camo that I would like to use for both waterfowl and turkey. I will travel for these hunts so a shotgun that breaks down would be a plus. Also, I wonder if a gun with changeable barrels for ducks v turkeys exists?

Rich M

Active Member
Oct 16, 2012
Look at your remington options - a 12 ga comes apart easy and the barrels swap out without much effort - literally 1 nut. You can also just run with a 26 inch barrel and interchangeable chokes. 11-87, Versamax, etc.


Oct 17, 2017
Red side of Ca
Been shooting Brownings the whole time. Been shooting a Gold for 20 years, B80 & BPS before that. Great guns and only had 1 issue with the wood finish on 1 of my Golds. They promptly took care of it no questions asked, great service.