Caribou 2019


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Sep 8, 2016
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Still in fairbanks but finally have time to post some pics. Honestly haven't been on here as much as the new format just isn't as convenient for me.
Anyway, had a great hunt with my son in an area east of arctic village. We killed 2 decent bulls on the second day just over half mile from camp which is about as far away as I like to go. Tundra hiking kills my knees. Took 9 hours from start to finish to get them both back to camp.
Missed a shot at the first wolf I've actually seen on the last day. Couldn't get the range and misjudged short. Turned out to be 775 lol. I guessed 650.
Antlers dropped off for velvet preservation earlier and meat going to processor this evening.



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Mar 9, 2014
Thanks for posting up! It was good to see that sat phone number show up earlier this week! Congrats on a great hunt.
Hit me up when you get settled back into town.
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