6.5 Creedmoor


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May 10, 2018
West Virginia
this is from a text my bud sent me. He stole this from another forum.

the 6.5 cm
the bullet will clean your weapon, kill a gobbler in flight, knock out a commie satellite and file your taxes for you.

it is that good of a cartridge!
I am glad to hear it is that good of cartridge as I am planning on taking one after sheep this fall. I will likely be using 147 gr Hornady ELD-Ms, unless the 135 gr Bergers I am trying out next week shoot better.


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Mar 1, 2011
This is exactly my thoughts. I was fortunate enough to harvest my first elk last year, and got the job done with my .270. I made the mistake of shooting 140 gr. sst's and didnt get pass through on any of the shots which got my wheels turning. I have since changed to 145 gr. ELD-X ammo and hope to get another opportunity. I bought a .300 WSM as my "elk gun" 3 years ago, but taking accuracy and shot placement the highest priority, it stays in the case as a backup.

Anyway it sounds like I have a sweet deer rifle for the kids in the future if nothing else.
I've shot an elk with the 270 win and 140gr Accubond. I shot several deer with that bullet and a 270WSM also. It does a nice job of expansion and penetration if you are wanting a decent BC elk bullet for the 270. Personally if I shoot elk with a ELD-X bullet it will be a 200gr 30 cal at minimum. I've taken 2 deer with the 143gr bullet in my 264WM and I was not impressed with the bullet's toughness either time compared to the Accubonds I've used. I just won't risk using a bullet that might be to explosive unless it's a heavy one on elk. Where I hunt shots might be close and at an imperfect angle or cross canyon at distance. If I was sure shots would be broadside at 300+ yards I might think different.

I have nothing against using the smaller gun that you shoot better on elk. I have went to a 300 win mag since but I'd still use my 270 without hesitation. I personally just want to keep increasing the toughness of the bullet as I decrease bore diameter.
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