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    Wyoming mule deer hunts

    Unit 81 contains trophy mule deer, as good as they get, just not in large numbers. Too many hunters for my liking.
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    How many of you will get the Covid shot?

    Me and my wife have already had both shots
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    Wilderness Archery Elk

    Colorado unit 81.
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    Wilderness Archery Elk

    There is a large area on the south trail that is covered in large rocks. I once encountered a mule deer crossing the rock field. The rocks hampered the deer and allowed me to get within 20 feet. When the deer decided to leave it went pretty well but knew it had to be very careful. This is...
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    Wilderness Archery Elk

    There won’t be any ATVs where these guys are going. Not likely to be any horses either.
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    What is your go to elk rifle / ammunition combo?

    Older shooter is staying with 7mm. I shoot lots of 168 gr Berger’s and under a 5 inch shot group at 600yds. Some hunting areas I like Remington Core-Lott’s usually 150 gr. Thick timber I like 175 gr
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    Wilderness Archery Elk

    A couple of friends ask for help finding a place to archery hunt elk. They will coyote out and one requirement was they didn’t want to see other hunters, at least not many. They wanted to avoid outfitters and horses. This planning has been a lot of fun for me. At age 78 and a bad ankle from...
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    UTV users

    Can-Am is what to do
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    Looking in Eastern Nebraska

    Is it possible for a nonresident to hunt deer in eastern Nebraska? Thinking of looking for a new place to hunt on public land. I have hunted western Nebraska since 2002. Looking for a shorter drive. Thanks for any help you might send my way
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    Archery elk

    Bringing two new hunters to Colorado next week for OTC archery elk. I won't be buying a tag but instead trying to help them. I thought just for the experience, I would take them into high country and coyote out at least one night. They will be in elk and I have pre scouted watching a total of...
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    Big Cinnamon Boar

    Since Swampokie is out of phone service I need to let him know about a bear being seen daily in daylight. He was seen yesterday just below where you are staying. Maybe you will see him
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    Easiest to use cow call

    Just thinking about two new guys hunting elk archery. What do you think is the easiest to use cow call?
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    Zero Points Deer Hunt

    Broken ankle is finally getting well enough to maybe hunt mule deer again. I don't have to do research or any of the things normal hunters have to do. I have no points. I will try to draw a ML in the unit I vacation in. I can walk from my cabin into limited population of trophy mule deer...
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    243 WSSM returning

    I hear the 243 WSSM will make a return this year. JJ Sutton, the Truth about 243 WSSM explains a lot about the demise and possible return of the round. I always believed a lot of the gun experts got it wrong. They were quick to point out its only a ten per cent increase over the long 243...
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    True cost for Nonresident

    If an elk tag cost , rounded up, $700. and the average success is 18%, the license cost alone would be 5.56 x 700 or $3892. per elk harvested. That much money will buy some really good long range camera equipment. There are lots more cost to go with it. Do you think you can beat the...