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    Bittersweet Elk season, lots of lessons learned!

    This year was my first year solo hunting elk as a resident of Colorado. I apologize in advance for the long post, but after the help I received on this forum I felt obligated to share my story around the fire with you all. Leading up to hunting season, I had a serious case of elk fever. I spent...
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    Bumped a big bull, what now

    Hey everyone, I am out hitting it hard in unit 17 and I bumped an absolute monster bull with 6 cows. I only have a cow tag, so I can't shoot him unfortunately. However the spot is really solid with tons of sign everywhere. After I bumped them I am pretty sure they bedded down in this patch of...
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    Tactics in Bad Weather

    @nv-hunter thanks that's good to know. This is my first time hunting antlerless elk, I hope the learning curve isn't too steep.
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    Colorado Success!

    I have yet to try hunting Antelope, but I know they are good eating. Enjoy, and congrats on your success!
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    Tactics in Bad Weather

    That's a good point @ScottR . I bought gaiters and I plan to bring my snowshoes so I'm not postholing if it does end up getting that bad. I should probably run out and get some more good socks, it's amazing how fast I burn through them now that I have moved out to Colorado and am...
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    Tagged Out

    Great looking buck, nice job!
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    Where do we begin?

    I don't have nearly as much experience with elk hunting as most of the other members here, but having been in your shoes recently myself I can give you my perspective on what helped me the most as a newbie. When selecting a state, my primary factors were cost and availability (how easy was it to...
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    Tactics in Bad Weather

    Thanks for the replies, and yes, I did get the dates mixed up. I have a antlerless tag for 1st Rifle, and and bull tag for 2nd. I appreciate the advice. As the days progress the forecast has become a bit more favorable but whatever comes I look forward to getting out there.
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    Tactics in Bad Weather

    Good evening everyone! This upcoming weekend is the opening of 2nd Rifle in CO, and the weather looks like it is going to be pretty gnarly where I plan to go. How do early OCT snowstorms affect elk behavior? Most of the experience I have is from hunting whitetails, do elk react similarly...
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    Late to the game, advice for private land access?

    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
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    Late to the game, advice for private land access?

    Hello all! I did not anticipate being able to take leave this fall to fill the freezer, but at the last minute I was approved!! I can't wait to get out into the elk woods and get 'er done. For the window of time I have available (early OCT) the only options available to me were cow tags on the...
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    Elk Hunting the Full Moon?

    Good Afternoon everyone, I have been reading through all of the tremendous advice in these forums, and have answered many of my newbie questions. However there is one topic that I would love to have a discussion about, regarding hunting tactics during the full moon. Most sources (and my...
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    Season Transition Tactics

    Hey everyone, I am very new to elk hunting, and have a few questions about elk behavior in the swing period right around 2nd rifle season. From the research I have done, it seems elk will stay at higher elevations (11k-ish depending on the area) until colder weather comes along to drive them...
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hey All, I am a new member to this site, from Colorado. I just moved out here from Annapolis, MD and am very excited about all the opportunities for hunting and fishing. I have grown up hunting whitetail but am relatively new to big game hunting. I will be doing my first real elk hunt this...