Late to the game, advice for private land access?


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Oct 4, 2018
Hello all! I did not anticipate being able to take leave this fall to fill the freezer, but at the last minute I was approved!! I can't wait to get out into the elk woods and get 'er done. For the window of time I have available (early OCT) the only options available to me were cow tags on the leftover list. I did some research on the CO Hunting Stats page and it seemed that out of what was left, the unit 016/017/161/171 tag was my best bet. Now that I have had a chance to do some more research it looks like I may have chosen a pretty rough unit. My only goal is to fill the freezer and have fun doing it. Does anyone have advice on approaching ranchers this late in the game? Or am I better off hitting the high country and glassing like I would for bulls? Thanks for any advice you can lend me, it's much appreciated!


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Mar 9, 2014
You may need to wait until you can get to the unit and knock on some doors. Be ready to pay a trespass fee. Of course DIY is always fun! Let us know how you do Vinny
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Jul 9, 2018
I guess it depends how good you are at "schmoozing" people. You could always accept paying a trespass fee, in which case just contacting any of the ranches usually turns up at least 1-2 that'll let you on. If you want to stay free, that's not a bad tag though. There are plenty of spots to poke around in along the South edge of 17 and West edge of 16...
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