Season Transition Tactics


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Oct 4, 2018
Hey everyone,
I am very new to elk hunting, and have a few questions about elk behavior in the swing period right around 2nd rifle season. From the research I have done, it seems elk will stay at higher elevations (11k-ish depending on the area) until colder weather comes along to drive them down. Some sources use at least 2 feet of snow as their marker for "colder weather" sufficient enough to move the herd, others say more or less. Using the Colorado Hunt Atlas, I was able to find "summer concentrations" and "winter concentrations" as well as migration corridors. That information, overlaid over a topo map seems to isolate several avenues that would theoretically contain elk. In your experience, how reliable is this data? Is my assumption that the movement due to cold weather from "summer concentration" to "winter concentration" along benches and draws accurate or just conjecture? I tried to include screen captures, but the file was too large. Sorry if that is worded poorly, I am happy to clarify. Thanks for any help you can provide!